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Buddy and the Jack

    My name is W. Bryan Smith and I am the author of a new novel, Buddy & the Jack. It may interest your members.
    The description of the book is as follows:
    "Buddy is blind -- the victim of animal abuse. The violent encounter has left the poor dog homeless, scared, and alone. Trapped inside the dark labyrinth of his own mind, the mongrel has led a bleak existence -- until a chance meeting with the Jack. The Jack, a fearless Jack Russell Terrier, befriends the sightless Buddy and bravely leads him on a perilous quest for a land called home. An engrossing and often lyrical novel, Buddy & the Jack pays tribute to classic animal tales such as Watership Down and The Call of the Wild. It is a story of friendship, loyalty, and the most unlikely of heroes."
    A focal point of the story is an animal control officer's internal struggle over the duties of his job and the moral and ethical questions he must confront about himself. His decision is the climax of the story and is tied to the fates of the canine protagonists. A small percentage of the sales from the book will go to the IMOM Blind Dog Fund.

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Thank you so much for your time.
Yours in compassion,
W. Bryan Smith