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Badd Newz - The Untold Story of the Michael Vick Dog Fighting Case

Perhaps those women on The View, such as Barbara Walters - so sure MV has "learned his lesson" - should get copies of this book. Maybe Barbara would not let him babysit her Chi after all once she gets a good look at his heart and his consciousness....and his 'I-am-above-it-all' arrogance.


Book Author, Kathy Strouse, has launched her first book, 'Badd Newz-The Untold Story of the Michael Vick Dog Fighting Case'. Strouse takes you deep into the seamy underground world of dog fighting for the behind the scenes story of the Michael Vick case. Meet the sheriff's deputy who started it all, the USDA special agent who investigated the federal case, the animal control officer who helped them and the assistant US Attorney who prosecuted the case.

She reveals the never before reported twists, turns, obstacles, plots and setbacks that made building a case against superstar Michael Vick the challenge of a lifetime. Readers will be shocked to learn how close and how often Vick came to walking away from justice. The sheriff's deputy, the USDA special agent, the animal control officer and the assistant US Attorney were all fueled by a determination to rescue the innocent dogs and to bring Vick and his Badd Newz crew to justice.

No dog fighting case has ever captured the attention and the hearts of the
public like the Michael Vick case. Most Americans had no idea that such
cruelty even existed. The stakes in this case were very high. Success
would send a message to dog fighters across the country that law
enforcement was pledged to stamp out this cruelty and send the
perpetrators to jail. Climb aboard the rollercoaster for the story of how
they did it.

Author Kathy Strouse is an animal control officer who has worked in the animal care field for 26 years. She is a member of the Virginia Animal Fighting Task Force and the Virginia Animal Control Association.

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