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Bad Elephant Far Stream is an elephant's life story, told from her own perspective, through her own eyes. Inspired by the life of a real elephant known as Topsy, it follows Far Stream from her birth and capture in the wild in Ceylon in the late 1860s, through her transportation to America and thirty years with the circus, which ultimately led to her being labeled as "bad." It's an unusual and uncompromising novel that explores the questions: What is it like to be an elephant trained for human amusement? What does such a creature think? What does it feel? What does it yearn for? Bad Elephant Far Stream takes the reader on a voyage of discovery to find out.


Samuel Hawley is the author of the literary nonfiction books Speed Duel: The Inside Story of the Land Speed Record in the Sixties (Firefly, 2010), which received starred reviews in Publishers Weekly and Library Journal; I Just Ran: Percy Williams, World's Fastest Human (Ronsdale Press, 2011), named one of the five "Best Sports Books of 2011" by the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation); and The Imjin War: Japan's Sixteenth-Century Invasion of Korea and Attempt to Conquer China (Institute of East Asian Studies Press, UC Berkeley, 2005), called "magnificent" by the South China Morning Post. Bad Elephant Far Stream is his first novel. He lives in Kingston, Ontario.

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