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Animals and World Religions

Animals and World Religions

Oxford: Oxford U.P., 2011

In this comprehensive examination, Lisa Kemmerer explores animal-friendly teachings in the world's indigenous and dominant religious traditions, including the religions of India (Vedic/Hindu, Buddhist/Jain), China (Daoism and Confucianism), and the Middle East (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam). Kemmerer writes with a keen eye to contemporary relevance, practical application, and moral hot-spots (such as our relations with environment and dietary choice). Standing at the intersection of religion, ethics, and animal advocacy, Animals and World Religions demonstrates that rethinking how we treat nonhuman animals is essential for anyone claiming one of the world's great religions.

"Kemmerer demonstrates many times over that the core, fundamental teachings of the religions of the world are 'radically friendly' to other-than-human animals, demanding respect, justice, and compassion. With the publication of her book, the future of religion-and-animal-studies will be forever changed-for the better."
--Tom Regan, The Case for Animal Rights

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