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Life on the line: The Heroic Story of Vicki Moore

Vicki Moore

Life on the Line
The heroic story of Vicki Moore

A biography by Matilda Mench

The Bluecoat Press
ISBN 978-1904438571
208 pages
£ 7.99

When the beautiful young German woman met the animal rights campaigner, she never imagined that she would become his dead lover's biographer. David Charters reports

"SHE'S gone." That's what the nurse said. She whispered it in a kind voice, a voice that had probably said it many times before, just two words for a life. She's gone.

But where did Vicki Moore go to?

Maybe it's not too much to hope, or pray, that she is now in a place, where the animals roam free -- not in a sentimentalized way like a Disney movie, but in the wild spirit that she would have understood herself, of new life joining old life in the eternal cycle.

After all, she believed that animals have souls just like humans. Of course, we can't be sure that she's right, yet.


On June 25, 1995, in one of those deeply sorrowful ironies, Vicki was gored while trying to prevent a crazed mob inflicting any further hurt on a bewildered bull.

When she fell, he stood over her broken body, still. His own body was pierced by many spears.

For days, Vicki hovered between life and death, but gradually and painfully she recovered. However, it was those dreadful injuries that five years later caused the massive internal hemorrhage which killed her.

To admirers in the animal rights movement, she was almost a saint and that's how she looked in the early days with her long black hair and nun-white linen smock.

Others, including Tony Moore, her "husband" for 27 years, realised that she wasn't a saint, but she was certainly a woman of profound passion.

By quirk of circumstance, Vicki's biographer is the woman who followed her into Tony's affection.

And today he is sitting in a café with a cup of cappuccino considering the book, Life on the Line: The Heroic Story of Vicki Moore.


At the heart of the biography are the campaigns which Tony and Vicki waged against bull-fighting, fox-hunting, rodeos, blood fiestas and hare-coursing. They, and people of a similar mind, have had some successes. Hare-coursing, including the Waterloo Cup at Altcar, near Orkmskirk, and fox-hunting are banned in this country. Measures have been introduced to lessen the cruelty of some blood sports abroad, but many continue in their traditional form.
LIFE on the line: The Heroic Story of Vicki Moore, by Matilda Mench, is published by Bluecoat at  7.99-pounds.

full story:

A biography of Vicki's life and work is out now and is available online from the publisher at Life_on_the_Line__The_heroic_story_of_Vicki_Moore.aspx
and on

The book is a very inspiring read. There is a webpage for it.

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