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25 Life Lessons from a Wild Squirrel

October 19, 2016

This message is being offered to people who have expressed belief in the tremendous potential that animals have to enrich our lives in ways that have traditionally been overlooked.

This book tells the true story of a relationship that Anny (my wife) and I have developed with a very special squirrel that lives in our front yard area--and the lessons we’ve learned from her. 25 Life Lessons is intended not only to give people a greater appreciation for animals but also to promote a message that is so important in the context of a world torn by strife and conflict: a message of tolerance and the value of making an effort to expand our interaction with the unfamiliar.

If you consider this a worthwhile endeavor, I invite you to express your support by acquiring 25 Life Lessons from Racqui the Flying Squirrel at Amazon-Kindle and consider leaving a review. It will be available during the next few days for the special promotional price of 99 cents (the lowest price that Kindle allows) and I will gladly cover the cost to anyone by PayPal. I would also be happy to return the favor in any way that would be appropriate.

Dan Berman

P.S. Racqui is not a flying squirrel in the scientific sense of the term but if you saw her soaring through the air from tree to tree or roof to tree, you would probably agree that she does "fly."

P.P.S. This email is being sent, individually, to people we think might be interested, based on their public record of interests and involvements. We apologize if anyone feels inconvenienced or offended. This is a one-time notice.

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