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Interview: Steve Best - The Politics of Total Liberation - Nov 2014
Interview-Dan_Piraro.pdf - June 2012
EVANA Interview with Dr. Richard Schwartz - April 2012
John Robbins Interview: Earth Day - April 2010
Interview with David Kirby, Author of "Animal Factory" - March 2010
Wendy Were - Animal Writes Warrior - May 2008
Richard Dawkins - May 2008
Alice Walker - Jan 08
Dan Piraro - Bizarro cartoonist - June 2007
Francione -- Interview with Gary L. Francione, The State of the U.S. Animal Rights Movement
J Dunayer -- Interview with Joan Dunayer
Matthew Scully -- June 2006. The former Bush speechwriter on working in the White House, the moral choice against factory farming, and why conservatives should join the cause
Peter Singer -- "60 Minutes" interview with Peter Singer
Peter Singer -- summary of his philosophy
Stallwood -- Moving the Animal Rights Movement: Interview with K. Stallwood
Singer's Legacy -- New York Author Decries Neglect of Nobel Laureate Isaac Bashevis Singer's Legacy
Tao Lin - Excerpts from Interview - May 2007
Veganism diet -- Neal Barnard interview by reporter Valerie Hernandez

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