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Richard Dawkins

Preface: Dawkins has said very laudable things about Animal Liberation, calls other species "our cousins," and denounces "speciesist arrogance" (his words). He also has a massive following and is one of the most famous, influential, and impressive scientists currently living. So the fact that he is not yet a vegetarian, but knows he should be, is too bad. In Vancouver, he was asked about it:

Richard Dawkins at UBC: Part Two, Dawkins as Ethicist

May 1, 2008

Richard Dawkins has traveled the world, sowing his particular gospel of atheism, science, rational argument, and the courage to live in the light of The Facts.

He has appeared before countless audiences, participated in dozens of debates, and handled hundreds of questioners. But he seemed surprised, even nonplussed, by the line of questioning he received from several members of the UBC audience who patiently lined up to press him on . . . vegetarianism.

By the time Dawkins encountered the third such questioner, he was moved to wonder aloud whether he was encountering some sort of "lobby." No, just the West Coast.

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