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January 24, 2005

I am writing on behalf of our family pet "Buddy" who was shot on the night of the 10th by a neighbor./div>
The dog was our 9 year old sons best friend in the world. He was never mean to anyone. The only thing that Buddy was guilty of was loving us! He was very protective of our family, the kids, the grandkids, and any other kids that came to our house. He never ever made an aggressive move toward anyone.
Last night Buddy and our son were playing outside. Buddy lay down in our yard and was sleeping, Anthony was still outside, at about 5:15 we all heard a gun shot, our son came in the house yelling that someone was shooting Buddy. We went out looking for Buddy and saw a man walking up the timber line of the trailer park. We called for Buddy, knowing he would come up if Anthony called him we waited, still no Buddy.
Then we lost track of Anthony because he was looking for the dog.
Thankfully he was behind the trailer.
The neighbor and I went up the road and saw the man that had shot the dog, "not knowing that he had shot him at this time" we saw the gun on him, ask what kind it was and we were told it was a 9 mm. Told him to not be shooting at our dogs, and he laughed at us, and didn't seem very worried about what he had done.
We then went back home and started looking for the dog.
Found him on the back hill on another neighbors place.
The dog was still alive but I knew he was dying, he had been shot 3 times. Once in the right foot, his neck and in the chest area.
When I walked up to him he was trying to get up, and wagging his tail. I could tell he had been shot in his lung because it was hard for him to breath.
We called the police, who were on their way. Getting there almost 45 min. after Buddy had been shot. Buddy was still alive at that time. He suffered for over 45min. before he died.
The police took our statement and then went to talk to the guy that had shot Buddy.
The man told them that the dog had never done anything to him ever, and that yes he did shoot him.
This man has shot more dogs than we even know of around here. And has said that even if a dog was on a leash with a child holding on to it, he would still shoot.
The police did not take this mans gun, did nothing to him but what seems like a pat on the hand.
Why did he shoot Buddy if he had never done anything to him?
If he hates dogs so much why does he go out walking with a big stick to tap on the road to get dogs to run at him so he has some reason to shoot them?
Did our Buddy die for no good reason?
Why is this man allowed to still walk around with his gun on his side, looking for more dogs?
Do more dogs have to die before someone will do something to him?
Does one of our kids have to die before someone will do something?
What can we do?
Where do we turn to?
We called the local TV station, they did come out, but I don't where that will go.
They are coming back out tomorrow for some reason.
I don't want this dropped. We all loved Buddy, he was one of us. The least we can do for all the LOVE he showed toward us is to find some kind of justice for his death.
Please if there is any way can you please contact me?
Let me know what we can do, what we need to do. Anything would be nice.
I hate looking in my sons eyes and seeing his tears, and all the pain that he is in. It's not fair.
Thank you for your time,
Robyn Schroeder
Call, write, or e-mail:
2265 Lakeview Cir. 417-753-1587
Rogersville, Mo. 65742

Since I wrote this letter, it was on the news as a #1 story in our area, and was seen three times that night.
I also got in touch with our local news paper, and it was in the Sunday paper last week. I just feel that this man will get away with this yet again since he is on very good terms with the local police department.
What can we do?
The police department just don't seem very concerned since it was just a dog that was shot.
If it had been a police dog, would it have been different? I think so. In our eyes, BUDDY, was Anthony's police dog, as well as everyone that came to our home.
He looked out for everyone.
How can I do this alone? I want to know that something good will come of our loosing a great dog.
I want people to remember him and know that I have done all that I could to find a little Justice for Buddy.
I send e-mails all over but have heard from only a few.
Most saying the same thing, I guess it doesn't seem enough.
I would love to get a BUDDY fund started up to help with stopping this from happening to another animal in this area. I just don't know how to go about getting it done.
Well thanks for your time,

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