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Nameless Defenders

By Jackie Butts

The beautiful day that you have waited for is now here. You're about to deliver your baby. You can feel the excitement of knowing in only moments you will see your new child. The time has come and you are giving birth to your child. You push harder and harder, and then you see your baby's head. It is everything that you were hoping for and the mother to child connection is so much more powerful then you ever expected. You would do anything to keep your baby happy and safe. Your life is now not just your own, but shared now with this new life.

One last push and now your baby is completely born. You pick up your child and hold the new baby close to you. You feel your heart beat become one with the child. You hear the commotion coming from behind the door. A man in a white hospital coat opens the door and looks directly at your child. He walks over to you and takes the child violently from your arms. You begin to protest and scream for your baby. He grabs the child by the back of the neck with no regard to the baby's safety or health. You continue to scream through the tears but no one will even look in your direction.

The door closes shut behind the man that has taken your child. Your mind is racing trying to make out some kind of understanding of what is happening. What do you do? Why is no one helping you to save your child from this mad man? All you can hear is the screams coming from the other room directly behind that same door. The very same door your baby was just taken through and the screams are a choir of torment.

The man in the white hospital coat begins to wipe the baby off with a cloth. He picks up a black marker and writes a number on the each side of the baby's stomach. The screaming baby begins to annoy the white coated man. He shakes the baby, screaming for the child to shut up and be quiet. He slams the child down into a small contraption and begins to strap the arms, the legs and the neck of the child stiffly down, making sure that the baby can not move at all. The child continues to scream at the top of its small lungs.

He picks up a bottle of shaving cream and begins to spread the lather over its tiny head. He sets down the bottle and picks up the razor. He then begins to shave what little soft hairs the baby has on its head. Putting down the razor, he then grabs the cloth and cleans off the head of the child. What happens next depends on what "study" needs to be done. Maybe it's for a new drug, or it's a new cleaning supply and the company wonders what effect it has on the brain.

No matter what the study or test that needs to be done, for the rest of your baby's life it will be tested on. The baby will be caged, then tested on, then caged, then tested on. Beaten for screaming, beaten for being scared. Then eventually, and this could be months or longer, but eventually the baby will die. Giving the child the only peace it will ever know, except for that short time the baby was with you and was in your arms.

There are many other mothers that live their entire lives in cages, and never touch the ground. Never having more than a few inches to turn around or a place to "use the restroom." All the while giving birth in that same small spot. They are given water and food when the task masters see fit. Their babies are taken from them before they can fully develop, making the baby have life long illnesses and pain. Then the mothers are impregnated artificially to make sure new babies are on the way. All this is done without a doctor's care.

The babies are loaded into eighteen wheelers, stacked from the floor to the ceiling. Then they are delivered all over the country to your nearest "pet" store to be sold so you have something to carry around in your purse. The newest accessory to show to your friends! That is if they are able to survive the journey. If they are not sold, reasons being they are sickly, too weak to jump around and play like a healthy and happy baby, or just not the right color, they are then shipped back on the same truck that delivered them. Once they return to the mill, they are then shot and killed. This horrific "circle of life" is repeated.

I know, I know, this could never happen to your baby. But in labs, puppy mills, factory farms, on the ice where the seals live, and all over the world, countless mothers are facing this horrible conclusion. The difference is that they have fur and not skin; that ONE thing/difference subjects them to be tortured, tested on and slaughtered by men and women with soulless eyes but full wallets.

We would never allow this to happen to a human baby. But we allow other mothers to have their children taken from their arms, to never see them again. We allow monsters to take them, cut them open, beat them and attach bolts to their heads and study them in the name of Science and Research. Why? Because we need to know that the little blue pill we take to boost our sexual drive is safe. We allow them to be slaughtered in the most inhumane ways for our benefit, so we think?

Why do we feel that it is ok for this to be done to other creatures, but we are too good and above this kind of treatment? I have heard that if slaughterhouses had glass walls, we would all be vegetarians. I have learned that ignorance is not bliss and that when we refuse to look at what is done, we allow murder to be done in our name. I have not always been a defender of all creatures. I used to think like the masses, with voluntary blindness. We always tell ourselves that we are the higher species and this inhumane brutality was somehow necessary for us to survive.

If there are such things as angels, then it was an angel with red hair, green eyes and a heart full of determination not willing to let me look away. I have a huge debt to repay and repay it I will with every breath I take. Defend, I will, until my arms can not be raised, until my voice can not be heard, until my legs can not hold me. Then I will defend even the more.

Once you are willing to look at the true horror being done, you can never turn away. Once your eyes see the horrific, inhumane, brutality suffered at the hands of evil beings we call scientists, pet store owners and butchers, you can not just turn away. Once you see how what you call breakfast is treated, you can not turn away.

No matter what you call yourself, Christian, Spiritual, Religious, Agnostic, Atheist, humanity screams at us to stop these senseless murders. We have become our own worst enemy. We have become the oppressor, and the slave driver. We have sold our souls for a pound of flesh.

We would never allow them to take our pet. We would never allow them to do what they call a "study" to the small bundle of love that cuddles up to us every night. Then why do we allow them to do it to the bundle of love's brother, sister, or mother?

Some call us terrorist, anarchist, extremist, and say we are out of our minds. I have come to the conclusion that you can call me whatever you want. The labels, the names, that is a tag that you, the world has deemed us with. But at the end of the day, life of all of these creatures is being defended. We will take whatever title you give us and wear it proudly.

We are fighters, defenders, and we will liberate all that can not fight or speak for themselves. We will march in front of all the stores, factories, laboratories, and follow you to the ice and oceans where you murder and sell pain for profit. We will proclaim to all four corners of the earth all the evil deeds that you do. We will take to the streets with a loud voice, telling all who listen, life is not for sale.

To all that can not understand why we fight, I ask you to watch the film "Earthlings". Here is the link: . Watch it for free.

Sit your children down beside you and make it a family night. If you have problems with anything I have said and see no reason for these horrific things to stop, then you should have no problem watching this film with your family. Then you should never have a problem watching where your breakfast and dinner comes from. Then you should not have a problem watching where that puppy in the window comes from. And you should not have any problem with knowing how your little blue pill was tested to make sure you wake up with a smile.

You may ask the question who are these people that do this? Who are these people who are torturing and murdering for profit? Get up and walk to your nearest mirror and see the person allowing it all to happen. Only you and I can stop this.

Out of sight is not out of mind.

Ignorance is not bliss.

Slaughter of the innocent will stop.

We are the nameless defenders.

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