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406-657- 2936 (work)


University of Glasgow, Scotland  2000
Ph.D., Philosophy, Ethics and Animals

Harvard Divinity School, Cambridge, MA  1993
Master of Theological Studies, Comparative Religions

Reed College, Portland, OR  1988
Bachelor of Arts in International Studies
Thesis: International Law, Communist China, and Buddhist Tibet



Animals and the Environment: Advocacy, Activism, and the Quest for Common Ground. Ed. NY: Routledge, 2015.

Bear Necessities: Protecting Bears through Education, Advocacy, and Sanctuary. Leiden: Brill. 2015.

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Animals and World Religions. Oxford: Oxford UP, 2012.

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Journal Articles

“The Interconnected Nature of Animal Ethics and Environmental Ethics.” American Behavioral Scientist. Special Issue. Due June/July 2018, Expected winter 2018.

“Turning Toward Change: Sexism and Male Privilege in the Animal Liberation/Rights Movement.” Forthcoming 2018.

“Evidence of Sexism and Male Privilege in the Animal Liberation/Rights Movement.”  Forthcoming 2018.

“Patterns and Testimonials: Sexism and Male Privilege in the Animal Liberation/Rights Movement.” Forthcoming 2018.

“Harms of Sexism and Male Privilege in the Animal Liberation/Rights Movement.”  Forthcoming 2018.

“Sexism and Male Privilege among Social Justice Activists.” Forthcoming 2018.
“Vaquejada: Ecofeminism, Ethics, and the Limits of Multiculturalism.” Animal Liberation Currents: New Critical Interventions, Revolutionary Provocations.  Jan. 2017.

“Vaquejada: Contention, Compassion, and the Brazilian Constitution.” With Francisco Matos. Animal Liberation Currents: New Critical Interventions, Revolutionary Provocations.  Jan. 2017. < >

“Investigating Intersections: Exploring the Growth and Expansion of Anymal Liberation.” Green Theory and Praxis 9.3.  Special Issue: Queer-Eco-Feminist Perspectives (Oct. 2016). 53-76.

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“Engaged Buddhism in Retreat.” Human Architecture 6.3 (Summer 2008): 135-143. <>

“Christian Ethics and Nonhuman Animals.”  Theandros: An Online Journal of Orthodox Christian Theology and Philosophy 5.3 (Summer 2008). No longer in print.

“Buddhist Arahants: A Comparative Vision Focusing on Acharn Mun.” Bodhi Journal 7 (March 2008).  

“Introducing Critical Animal Studies.” (Co-authors Steve Best, Anthony Nocella, Richard Kahn, and Carol Gigliotti). Animal Liberation Philosophy and Policy Journal 5.1 (2007). 4-5.

“Buddhist Ethics: Compassion for All.”  Bodhi Journal 5 (Fall 2007).

“Jewish Ethics and Nonhuman Animals.”  Journal of the Institute of Critical Animal Studies 5.2 (2007). Can be accessed here <>

“Peter Singer on Expendability.” Between The Species 7 (2007).

“Broilers.” Satya. June/July 2006.

“Verbal Activism: ‘Anymals’.”  Society and Animals 14.1 (May 2006): 9-14.

“Innocent Threats.”  Between The Species: An Electronic Journal for the Study of Philosophy and Animals (Nov. 2005)

“Teaching Eco-Justice through Just War Theory.”  EcoJustice Review.  No longer in print.

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“How Ought We to Live?”  Ethics and Justice: An Interdisciplinary Public Affairs Journal (Spring 2000): 33-34.

Encyclopedia Articles

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Anthology Chapters

“Intensive Animal Agriculture and the Environment.” The Routledge Handbook of Animal Ethics. Ed. Bob Ficsher. NY: Routledge. Expected 2019.

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Other Publications

“Lisa Kemmerer: “Essere Vegani Serve all’AMORE.” Online Newspaper: Magazine di cucina e cultura vegana. Oct. 3, 2017.

“If It was Your Child.” WalletHub. Contribution to “Should Animal Testing Be Banned? Experts Pick Sides,” compiled by John S Kiernan. Oct. 27, 2016. 

Blog: “Trust Me, It’s Privilege.” Books Combined. Dec. 21, 2015.

Website: “Ecofeminism, Women, Environment, Animals.” Reprint from one of my articles. Women's Studies Quarterly. Posted Nov. 2015.

“Food for Thought: The Exploitation and Abuse of Women and the Exploitation and Abuse of Domestic Animals are Similar.” Compassionate Friend: Journal of Beauty without Cruelty, India. 37:4, Winter 2015. (10-11).

Blog: “Sexism is Speciesism.” Unbounded Project. Oct. 2015. < >

Blog: “Vaquejada” Other Nations. Nov. 15, 2015.

Blog: “Sustainability… If” July 5, 2015. OUPblog.

“The Sound of Action.” Philosophy Now (Winter 2000).  Reprinted “Sirs Renaissance.” SIRS Mandarin, Inc. (Supplemental Readings in Philosophy on CD) (2003): 8-9.

“Killing the Great Whales: Tradition, Ethics, and International Affairs.”  Guest Editorial, Animal Writes (Autumn 2001): 8.

“What Would Jesus Do?: Christianity’s Mandate to Protect Animals.”  Animal Writes (Spring 2001): 1-5.

Interviews: Radio, Podcasts, TV, Newspapers

Podcast: “Women of Justice.” Sixty minutes with J.L. Fields. Dec. 31, 2017. Forthcoming

Podcast: “Sexism in the Animal Rights Movement with Lisa Kemmerer.” Green Woman Store: Collective Quest Podcasts to Entertain, Educate & Inspire.  Fifty-minute interview with Genny LaMorgan. Dec 6, 2017.

Radio:  “Dr. Lisa Kemmerer & Carol J. Adams: Conversations about Sexism, Sexual Harassment and Misconduct in Animal Welfare.” Talking Animals: A Radio Show about Animals and Animal Issues. WMNF 88.5FM.  Thirty-minute interview with Duncan Strauss. <>

Radio:  “Eating Earth: Environment and Animal Ethics.” Animal Concerns of Texas. Act Radio.  KTEP 88.5 FM El Paso (NPR for the Southwest). El Paso, Texas. 30 minutes with Greg Lawson, Elizabeth Walsh, and Tom Linney. Aug. 13, 2017.  <>

Radio: “Vegan Thanksgiving.” Flavors under the Big Sky. KEMC Yellowstone Public Radio, Billings MT. 30 minutes with Jeff Blatnick and Stella Fong. Nov. 21, 2016.

Article/Interview: Veikka Lahtinen. “Vegaanien on Oltava Feministejä.” Animalia. Helsinki, Finland. Dec. 27, 2016.

Radio: Easy Vegan with JL Fields. “Ep 69 Lisa Kemmerer: Responding to vegan questions with AMORE.” Dec. 6, 2016.

Article/Interview: Sandris Ādminis for Punctum: Laikmetigas Literaturas un Filosofijas Zurnals “Women, Animals and Other Useful Bodies.” Dec. 12, 2016. <>

Article/Interview: Federica Giordani. “‘Mangiare la terra’, Kemmerer: ‘Non tutti possono essere vegani’.” ( )

Radio: Zootehnikums, NABA 95.8 FM, Latvias Universite. “#20: Saruna ar Dr. Lizu Kemereri par Ekofeminismu” (“A Conversation with Dr. Lisa Kemmerer on Ecofeminism”). Interview with Sandris Ādminis. Rigas, Latvia. Dec. 1, 2016.

Article/Interview: Mari-Liis for Sirp (Estonian cultural newspaper). “Loomade õigused on sotsiaalse õigluse osa” (“Animal Rights are Part of Social Equality”). Nov. 24, 2016.

Radio: Yellowstone Public Radio. Interview with Stella Fong. (Joint interviewed with Jeff Blatnick.) Nov. 21, 2016. < >  

Article/Interview: Kadri Aavik in Feministeerium. “Loomaõiguslane ja Filosoof Lisa Kemmerer: Kauboimaastikul Kompan Paljude Piire” (“Animal Activist and Philosopher Lisa Kemmerer: Challenging Boundaries in Cowboy Country”). Nov. 3, 2016.

Article/Interview: Federica Giordani in Magazine di Cucina Vegetariana e Vegana. “Mangiare la terra, Lisa Kemmerer: ‘Il pericolo più grande è l’apatia umana’.” Nov. 10, 2016. <>

Article/Interview: Lea Soorsk in Bioneer. “Seksism on Spetsiesism.” (Article on my work in the area of Ecofeminism prior to a talk in Tallinn, Estonnia.) Oct. 26, 2016.

Radio: Restiamo Animali, “i Mangiaterra di Lisa Kemmerer.” (“Eating Earth by Lisa Kemmerer.) Interviewed by Roberta Marino in Milan, Italy. Oct. 8, 2016.

Article/Interview with Simona Buscaglia in Milan, Italy. “Lisa Kemmerer e il suo ‘Mangiare la Terra’ ci Spiegano come Stiamo Distruggendo il Pianeta: Il Libro Tradotto in Italia da Safarà Editore Analizza le Cause che Stanno Portando il Nostro Pianeta al Collasso.”  (“Lisa Kemmerer, in Eating Earth, Explains How We are Destroying Our Planet: The Book, Translated by Safarà Editore in Italy, Analyses the Causes Which are Bringing Our Planet to Collapse.”) Sept. 19, 2016.  <> published on seven websites:
Ambientalisti  (
Ambiente ( )
Animali (
Animali maltrattati (
Animali Selvatici (
Animalisti (
Interviste (

Blog:  “Vegani, un Libro per Spiegare il Perché di Questo Stile di Vita” (“Vegans: A Book Explaining this Lifestyle Choice”). Interviewed by Fabio Balocco in Torino, Italy.  Sept 18, 2016.

Radio: “An Interview with Dr. Lisa Kemmerer.”  Talking Animals: A Radio Show about Animals and Animal Issues. WMNF 88.5FM.  30 minutes interview with Duncan Strauss. Aug. 17, 2016.  <>

Television/HBO: “Broadly.” VICE Media. Women's-interest Channel. “Connections between Veganism and Feminism.” Interview by Marla Bahloul. July 5, 2016.

Radio: “Home Ground: Meat and Morality.” National Public Radio Interview with Brian Khan. May 10 and 15, 2016.

Radio: “Vegan Eco-Feminist Author-Professor-Philosopher.” Vegan Nation. WCUS 91.3. Hosted by Marlene Narrow. Feb. 19, 2016.  

Radio: “The Killing of Cecil – Part 2.” Animals Today. 30 minutes with Peter Spiegel and Lori Kirshner. Aug 9, 2015.  <>

Radio: “Lisa Kemmerer Discusses Animals and World Religions.” Animals Today. 30 minutes with Peter Spiegel and Lori Kirshner. July 27, 2015.  

Interview: “West Coast EcoFeminism Conference Interview with Lisa Kemmerer.” Interview with Gloria Taylor Brown. July 26, 2015.

Article/Interview: Sekhar, Rukmini. “Talking Dominance: Similarities between the Oppression of Women and Animals.” The Hindu. July 5, 2015. <>

TV: “Hunting and Environmental Ethics.” Outdoor Channel. Interview June 29, 2015 with Andy George and Yarrow Kraner.  Aired July 16, 2015.  

Radio: “The Earth Day Show: The Restore-Our-Planet Diet, and Eating Earth.” Animal Voices Radio. Co-Op Radio, 100.5 FM. 30 minutes with Alissa Raye. April 17, 2015. <>

Podcast: “Excerpt From ‘Eating Earth: Environmental Ethics and Dietary Choice’ By Lisa Kemmerer.” Our Hen House. April 3, 2015. <>

Podcast: “Feminism Telesummit with Lisa Kemmerer - Environmental Ethics and Dietary Choice.” Green Woman Store: Collective Quest Podcasts to Entertain, Educate & Inspire. “Feminism: A Sustainability Tool Case Studies from the U. S. and Around the World.”  Feb, 18, 2015.  

Documentary Film on conflict comparing animal activists and problems in Palestine. 15 minutes. Sept 14, 2014.  

Radio:  “Animals and Social Justice.” REAL (Responsible Eating and Living): Progressive Radio Network. 40 minutes. Sept. 2, 2014. <>

TV:  “Animal Ethics and Interconnections.” Science for Children.  15 minutes. July 28, 2014.

Radio:  “Lisa Kemmerer Discusses Animals and World Religions.” Animals Today. 20 minutes with Peter Spiegel and Lori Kirshner. Jan. 26, 2014.  <>

Podcast: “Episode 174.” Our Hen House: Change the World for Animals. May 11, 2013. 40 minutes with Jasmin Singer and Mariann Sullivan. <>

Blog: “The Oppression of Animals: Is Religion the Cause … or the Remedy?” The Beet-Eating Heeb. 45 minutes with Jeffrey Cohan. March 17, 2013.

Radio: “Women’s Day: Speaking up for Sister Species and Mother Nature.” Animal Voices Radio. Co-Op Radio, 100.5 FM. 30 minutes with Alissa Raye. March 8, 2013.

Radio:  “Hinduism and Compassion.” Animal Concerns of Texas. Act Radio.  KTEP 88.5 FM El Paso (NPR for the Southwest). El Paso, Texas. 30 minutes with Greg Lawson and Tom Linney. Jan. 27, 2013.  

Radio: “Talking about Animal Exploitation, Sexism, and More.” WildTime Radio: WildTime Online with Thomas Janak:  An Animal Rights/World Conservation Show. 60 minutes: Hosted and produced by pet psychologist Thomas Janak.  TCR FM, 106.8, Birmingham, UK. Jan. 20, 2013.

Article/Interview: Pickett, Mary. “MSU Billings Professor Checks out Animals in Peru, Kenya.” Billings Gazette. Oct. 29, 2012. Local Education section.

Radio: Animals and Ethics. KETP 88.5 FM (U. of Texas, El Paso). 20 minutes. Oct. 6, 2006.

Radio: “Animal Voices,” CIUT 89.5 FM (U. of Toronto). 40 minutes on religion and animals. Sept. 26, 2006. Archived at <>

Article/Interview: Kisken, Tom. “Apostles of Animal Rights.” Ventura County Star: Ethics and Religion. Aug. 16, 2003.

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