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A Question About Destiny

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I met your beagle the other day and I thought maybe you could help me with a few questions I have about destiny.

We met when I was having my morning coffee. It seems a friend send me a picture of your beagle and asked if I could help. While the picture wasn't the best and your beagle was merely a number it touched me all the same. I'm sure you were probably just in a hurry when you dropped Destiny of at the local animal shelter. I'm sure you merely overlooked letting the shelter know your girl had a name.

Maybe you were embarrassed by "all the questions" they asked about why you were surrendering this beautiful year old beagle girl. Might I ask what your excuse - I mean reason's were?

I'm sure you were focused on justifying your abandoning the family's pet with knowing that surely someone would adopt this beautiful creature and give it a home. Did the shelter tell you that even most young beagles never make it out of "that" shelter alive? Maybe your "blackberry" mind was busy and you just weren't listening.

You didn't realize that many of your neighbors in the community must have been thinking the same thing because the shelters are being overrun with beautiful beagles like yours.

Did you know that sweet little beagles are in the top ten breeds who die in our nations shelters do to a problem called "animal overpopulation"?

I told my friend that I was really at about my limit with beagles that other owners like yourself no longer wanted. There's a whole bunch of "just visiting" beagles staying and running around here already, but still I would see what could be done.

It took a few minutes to write a plea about your beagle's fate and include a wonderfully sad picture of your beagles eyes. Did you ever notice what beautiful eyes your beagle has? Those eyes must still have been eating at your conscience as you walked away. Did "Destiny" cry out begging you not to go - did she wonder what she did?

I posted your beagles story just about everywhere hoping someone would see the beauty in her eyes as I have. Hopefully, they will see those eyes before it's too late.

It seems the shelter you left your girl at is out of space. They have decided maybe your beagle should be simply "put to sleep" to make room for more dogs your community doesn't "need" anymore.

Did the shelter bother to tell you that there was not a real good chance that anyone would adopt your "problem" and she very well could be "put to sleep"?

Did you know that "put to sleep" means forever?

Put to sleep really means they are planning to KILL your beautiful beagle girl. What a shame that would put out the love in those eyes.

Did you ever wonder what it would feel like to get shoved in a gas box and have to struggle for your last breathe?

Anyway, I have heard a few reply's about your girl but most have come from other Internet neighbors who only want to hear "funny" beagle stories - they really don't want to be bothered (like yourself) with the fate of your sweet girl. I'd gladly write some funny stories about your beagle but somehow my mind goes blank and all I remember is the look in her eyes as she stares coldly out pleading for anyone to help.

Was that the "look" your beagle gives just begging for one more chance? Did she have that same look when she was living with you? She must have done something horribly wrong for you want to punish her so.

Did she have an accident in your house? Demand more time than your "blackberry" would allow? Insist on licking your face or sleeping in your bed? Beagles do that, you know?

I tell you though - the memory of that "stare" slowly started working on me.

That look started to haunt me while I went about "my" daily activities.

Funny don't you think, that look started to bother me and she isn't even my dog? It didn't bother you? Well, it's working real hard on my conscience.

Today is her last day - still no one stepped forward to help your "Destiny" out. No angels out there, no knights riding into town on a white horse - the sands of time were rapidly disappearing for your girl and still - nothing. Is this where destiny takes over?

As I awoke the morning of your beagle's last day, I was not in the best of moods. It was a beautiful sunny day but I hadn't slept well the night before. Dinner went half eaten. I tried to enjoy my favorite shows but my mind kept drifting back to a picture of your girl with that innocent stare. What was her last night like? Was she frightened - sensing the pending danger that would cost her a life she had never had to enjoy? Was she thinking about you in her last hour's of fear?

Do you think she even knew what awful thing she had done to be punished this way? I'll bet she still was expecting you to come charging in and tell her everything was going to be all right.

I decided to drive to the shelter to see if by chance destiny had arrived to whisk your girl to safety. That though some miracle someone was smiling and holding and hugging your beautiful girl and letting her know what a truly great beagle girl she was. Maybe I would see some proud new owner march your girl out with her beautiful beagle head poppin high.

To my surprise as I walked into the shelter there she was. Still sitting there with those saddened eyes with time running out. Eyes even more piercing in person. They cut right through your chest like a knife. A cut so deep it reached the inner reaches of your soul.

I reached down to comfort your beagle girl. Reactively she immediately started to lick my hand with only the passion a beagle knows. A tear started to form in my eyes - knowing her time was drawing short.

This is where common sense loses out to reality. You are faced with reacting with only what compassion that was left in your soul. Does mankind really murder innocent sweet dogs? Surely society only putsd to death those dogs deemed un adoptable?

My sense of sadness was replaced with a flash of anger. Destiny was not going to pay for your irresponsible ignorance with HER life.

I should have turned and walked away as you did. I shouldn't have ever allowed myself to touch her head and stroke her coat. My thoughts should not have focused on her fate "to be put to sleep - to be unavailable - her last chance....."

I adopted your girl and took her home. Her name would be Destiny. Do you like the name?

What was surprising was that despite her probably sensing that she was in danger - Destiny became frozen in fear when I tried to coax her out of her cage? Do you think she witnessed all the other dogs being killed before her? Was she next?

Why was she so afraid of her pending release? Aren't beagles happy go lucky hounds who make us laugh? What did you do to this girl to cause her so much fear? What did society do to cause her so much fear?

As we drove home Destiny chose to ride in my lap. I was relieved knowing she was safe after all, surely someone would want this beautiful beagle girl. At least we had dodged the destiny of the grim reaper. She was given a reprieve long enough to search for that perfect destiny. Surely destiny would have Destiny find someone who would give her the love she deserved.

I thought you would be pleased to know that Destiny is safe - if you care. She seems to enjoy resting on one of our couches in her new home. But I had a bunch of questions of concern.

Apparently you never got around to house training your girl? She seems to not have a clue about where to go and where not to go. She also seems petrified after making a mistake - cowering in fear as if each mistake brings about pending danger. Did she do that around your house too? Were you patient enough to teach her what she was supposed to do?

Not that it matters, together we are working on her house training - she's a smart girl and I think with lot's of patience she will soon figure that out. I guess you were probably just a bit too busy with the love affair with your "blackberry" to be bothered with that detail.

After all, whoever sold you the beagle puppy probably told you house training a beagle would be a snap. It's not YOUR fault. Fortunately cleaning up your beagle's mess isn't the end of my world.

But I still have a few questions. Your beagle girl really enjoyed the first few times I showed her affection. Now she doesn't want to get off my lap. She still cowers when I approach her - somewhat not sure of how my reaction will be - but once I start stroking her coat she starts wagging that cute beagle tail and becomes very submissive. Was she always that affectionate around your home? What's with all the fear issues? Surely you didn't strike such a small creature?

I took your beagle to the vet's for a checkup and I have a few questions about that too? Did you ever give her any of her shots? She seems to be in fairly good health although she's extremely thin for her age. I thought you might like to know that she tested positive for heart worms. I also thought you might like to know that she's expecting a litter of puppies.

That's unusual for a slightly less than one year old beagle girl. Apparently, you didn't think about spaying your puppy. I guess the expense of heartworm medication would have put a serious dent in your budget. Why did you buy a beagle puppy anyway? Was it a "gift" that didn't quite work out? Did you stumble on her while she was still a small puppy in a local pet store?

Your beagle only weighs about 12 pounds and is very underweight for a beagle her age and with her bone structure. My vet explained that the heartworm was probably causing her frequent bouts of coughing as the infestation has probably advanced to her lungs. Instead of proceeding with starting her on heartworm preventative we ran blood work and x-rays. That was done to determine the extent or stage of her heartworm problem. I almost feinted when I was presented with your beagle's bill.

Probably more than you paid for your "blackberry".

I thought you might want to know that your beagle will undergo treatment early next week. She'll go in to be spayed - no more puppies for this girl. It's early enough where there shouldn't be any complications but really....

Even though heart worms can usually be treated quite successfully my vet was concerned enough to mention that your beagle's overall health doesn't guarantee a complete recovery. I hope you won't blame me is she doesn't survive the procedure. I do know she won't survive long without being treated. Since I can't consult with you, I will decide what's best for Destiny.

I'm hoping that Destiny will have a long and happy future. She certainly is a lovable girl and deserves more than what you were prepared to provide her. Destiny has a strong will to survive and a heart full of love.

She also seems to have forgiven YOU for not being there for her. You let her down and still she doesn't hold any malice. Too bad humans weren't given the same qualities - I'm certainly not as forgiving. Maybe that's why dogs are easier to understand.

Destiny seems to want to suck up all the attention she can get - maybe to make up for what was missing in her life. She seems to have so much love in her that "if" she survives we should be able to find her a family who will love her forever.

She deserves having someone who will protect her and provide for all her needs. Someone who will know she needs proper nutrition, a safe place to sleep and to be protected against canine illnesses. Someone who will praise her for all the right things she does and not punish her for her mistakes.

Someone who will love her as if she is part of there family. Someone not like you.

If she survives that will be her destiny - to get all the things in life a loving beagle deserves. For with that love and protection Destiny will return an unconditional love that only a lover of beagles can appreciate.

Sorry I bothered you.

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