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25 Life Lessons from a Wild Squirrel Berman, Daniel 2016 Relationship between a special squirrel and humans  
The $60,000 Dog - My Life with Animals Slater, Lauren 2012    
A Bird Shall Carry The Voice Farris, Leigh 2005.  Trafford Publishing, Ltd.   True story of experiences and insights gained while sharing life with a bird. Highly recommended. Sharing life with a parrot.
Advances in Animal Alternatives for Safety and Efficacy Testing Salem, Harry and Sidney Katz, eds. 1998. Washington, DC: Taylor & Francis Presents state-of-the-art concepts and approaches to the theory and practice of alternatives to animal testing in laboratory research. Nearly 50 contributions from leading experts are grouped into five categories: dermal toxicity, developmental and reproductive toxicity, immunotoxicity, neurotoxicity, and oral/dermal/ocular validation.  
Aftershock jones, pattrice 2007. Lantern Books. Confronting Trauma in a Violent World. A Guide for Activists and their Allies.  
All Creatures of Our God and King What God?s Word Says About Animals Wilson, Teri 2007. Eden Publishing It reaches out to the Christian community, which has been slow to support the animal welfare movement.  
All that Dwell Therein: Essays on Animal Rights and Environmental Ethics. Regan, Tom, ed. 1983. Berkeley: University of California Press  A series of essays on animal rights. This fact-filled book puts forth original thoughts on why animals have rights and refutes statements made by others who feel animals should be denied rights.  
Alternative to Factory Farming Carnell, Paul 1983. Earth Resources Research Publishers, London Factory farming challenged on economic grounds. Factory Farming
An Eagle Named Freedom: My True Story of a Remarkable Friendship Jeff Guidry 2010 A hauntingly beautiful story of rescue and rehabilitation�.[A] gorgeous tale of redemption.  
Animals and Cruelty and Law Sweeney, Noel 1990. Alibi, Bristol UK A practicing barrister argues for Animal Rights from the legal standpoint. Law
Animals and Their Legal Rights: A Survey of American Laws from 1641 to 1990. Animal Welfare Institute 1990. Washington, DC. Animal Welfare Institute This excellent resource provides a description of major federal and state laws affecting the treatment of animals. Although somewhat outdated, nothing comparable has replaced it. Legi-slation
Animals and Why They Matter Midgley, Mary 1983. Athens: University of Georgia Press A nontechnical narrative exploring how social-contract thinking has shaped our moral and political ideas and the problems this has raised for those who are not "proper" contractors, such as women, animals, and aliens. Provides a critical assessment of the attempt to extend conventional moral categories such as rights to animals.  
Animal Dialogues: Uncommon Encounters in the Wild Childs, Craig 2007. Little, Brown & Co. The well-known naturalist tells of his strenuous attempts to bridge the gulf in communication with the wildest ? and often the oddest ? of creatures wild animals
Animal Factories Mason, Jim and Peter Singer 1980. New York: Crown Publishers

1990 AVS

Provides a detailed account of the conditions under which laying hens, broiler hens, pigs, cows, and veal calves are kept; the illnesses generated by these conditions; and the solutions, in the form of drugs and mutilations, provided by the industry.  
Animal Factory Kirby, David 2010 The Looming Threat of Industrial Pig, Dairy, and Poultry Farms to Humans and the Environment  
Animal Liberation Singer, Peter 1975. Thorsons, London. Third edition 2002 Often called "The Bible of the modern Animal Rights movement". For many leaders of the animal protection movement, this was a life-changing book.  
Animals Matter: A Biologist Explains Why We Should Treat Animals with Compassion and Respect Bekoff, Marc 2007 Animal behaviorist and biologist follows his most recent in-depth work, The Emotional Life of Animals, with another well-written, more generalist argument for responsible behavior toward animals of all kinds. Philo-sophy
Animal Equality Dunayer, Joan   Language and Liberation
Dialectic of Deceit Shows societies built-in bias against animals.
Animal Rights
Animal Experimentation - A Harvest Of Shame Fadali, Moneim A., MD 1996. Hidden springs Press Dr. Fadali is a practising Vascular and Cardiothoracic surgeon. He takes us through 2,000 years of medical history to show that vivisection has done nothing to advance, and much to retard, the growth of modern medical procedures and knowledge. Vivi-section
Animal Experimentation: The Consensus Changes Langley, Gill (Ed.) 1991. MacMillan Publishers, London Collection of essays outlining the change in morality.  
Animal Ingredients A-Z (new) The E.G. Smith Collective 2008 updated version of classic  
ALF: Complete Diary of Actions     Animal Liberation Front: Complete Diary of Actions, The First 30 Years  
Animals and World Religions Kemmerer, Lisa Oxford U.P., 2011 Comprehensive examination explores animal-friendly teachings in the world's indigenous and dominant religious traditions  
Animals in Circuses and Zoos--Chiron's World? Kiley-Worthington, Marthe 1990. Little Eco Farms Publishing, Basildon, UK Investigation into the treatment of animals by zoos and circuses. Circuses, Zoos
Animals in Education: The facts, Issue and Implications Hepner, Lisa Ann 1994. Albuquerque. Richmond Publishers Guidebook on alternatives to the use of animals in education written by a student who was successful in implementing alternatives to dissection. Facts about dissection, legal issues, and strategies for students. Animal Tests
Animals in Research: New Perspectives in Animal Experimentation Sperlinger, David, ed. 1981. New York: John Wiley & Sons A collection of essays bringing a wide range of knowledge and opinion, from both Europe and North America, to bear on the question of animal experimentation.  
Animal Machines Harrison, Ruth 1964. Vincent Stuart Publishers, London  The first book on factory farming. Factory Farming
Animals, Men and Morals Godlovitch, et al 1971.    
 Animals, Politics, and Morality Garner, Robert. 1993. New York: Manchester University Press. Argues that the debate in moral philosophy about animal rights is central to an understanding of AR politics. Examines philosophical claims for animals, and shows how these moral imperatives have a political dimension.  
Animals, Property and the Law Francione, Gary L. 1995. Philadelphia. Temple University Press Provides an analysis of the consequences of characterizing nonhuman animals as property. Written by an attorney with practical experience litigating precedent-setting animal rights cases. Animal Rights
Animal Revolution: Changing Attitudes toward Speciesism Ryder, Richard 1989. Oxford: Basil Blackwell Historical review of the British animal rights movement, both in the nineteenth century and the twentieth, written by a participant in that movement's recent history.  
Animal Rights: A Beginner's Guide Achor, Amy 1992. Writeware Inc., Yellow Springs, OH   Reference
Animal Rights: A Christian Assessment of Man's Treatment of Animals Lindzey, Andrew 1976. London: SCM Press, Ltd. An overview of Christian teachings and our treatment of animals, subjects discussed include: The Right to Live, Animal Suffering and Experience, Conditions of Life, Theological Reflections, and examples of actual experiments performed on animals. Religion
Animal Rights and Human Morality Rollin, Bernard

flier: Animal Rights & Human Morality (Third Edition; 1-59102-421-8)

1981. Buffalo, NY. Prometheus Books Straightforward overview of several philosophical approaches, their implications, and their inconsistencies over the issue of the moral status of animals. A good introduction to major moral issues involving animals.  
Animal Rights and Human Obligations. Regan, Tom and Peter Singer, eds. 1989. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall Provides a good overview of historical and contemporary writings for and against the idea of animal rights. Contains brief historical pieces by major philosophers and useful contemporary essays on the nature of animals.  
Animal Rights and Moral Philosophy Franklin, Julian H. 2005. Columbia Univ. Press A clear and fair-minded critique of what contemporary philosophers have to say about the moral rights of animals.  
Animal Rights--A Symposium Paterson, David and Richard Ryder 1979. Centaur Press Publishers, Fontwell    
Animals' Rights: Considered in Relation to Social Progress Salt, Henry S. 1892, republished in 1980. Summit: Society for Animal Rights Sets forth the principles of animal rights and then describes the ways and means of the suffering imposed on animals as an inevitable consequence of the denial of their fights. Preface to this edition by Peter Singer. Required reading by all students of the history of the animal rights movement.  
Animal Rights, Human Wrongs Jenkins, S. 1992. Lennard Publishings, Harpenden, UK An RSPCA officer's experiences demonstrate the lack of adequate animal legislation Law
Animal Rights Weekend Warrior Newkirk, Ingrid      
Animal Sacrifices -- Religious Perspectives on the Use of Animals in Science Tom Regan (Ed.) 1986. Temple University Press, PA    
Animal Suffering: The Science of Animal Welfare Dawkins, Marian 1980. London. Chapman and Hall A scientific treatise on assessing pain and distress in animals.  
Animal Thinking Griffin, Donald 1984. Cambridge: Harvard University Press Provides evidence from ecology, neurology, and philosophy to support this contention that animals think.  
Animal Warfare Henshaw, David 1984. Fontana Publishers, London The rise of direct action for Animal Rights.  
An Unnatural Order Mason, Jim   The Roots of Our Destruction of Nature Social Questions
A Primer on Animal Rights Stallwood, Kim W. (ed) Fwd. by J. Rifkin   Leading Experts Write about Animal Cruelty and Exploitation  
Ask the Animals Ogden-Avrutik,  Dr. Kim   Life Lessons Learned as an Animal Communicator  
Assault and Battery Gold, Mark 1983. Pluton Publishers, London Effects of farming on animals, humans and the environment. Factory Farming
A Shopper's Guide to Cruelty-Free Products Cook, Lori 1991. Bantam Books, New York Shopping
As the World Burns: 50 Simple Things You Can Do to Stay in Denial cowritten by Derrick Jensen and Stephanie McMillan 2009    
Bach Flower Remedies for Animals Graham Helen, & Vlamis, Gregory     Natural Remedies
Badd Newz - The Untold Story of the Michael Vick Dog Fighting Case Kathy Strouse 2010 Strouse takes you deep into the seamy underground world of dog fighting for the behind the scenes story of the Michael Vick case  
Bad Hare Days

Free E book
Fitzgerald, John 2008 A story of the author's high profile involvement in the Irish anti-hare coursing campaign  
Beast and Man Midgley, Mary 1979. Harvester Press Publishers, Brighton    
'Beautiful Yetta': A Yiddish Chicken With Chutzpah Pinkwater, Daniel 2010    
Beauty without the Beasts Chase, Heather   A Guide to Cruelty-Free Personal Care Personal Growth
Beyond the Bars McKenna, Virginia; Travers, William; Wray, Jonathan (eds.) 1987. Thorsons Publishers, UK The immorality of animal captivity Zoos, Circuses
Beyond the Laboratory Door Animal Welfare Institute 1985. Washington: The Animal Welfare Institute   Animal Tests
Brute Science -Dilemmas Of Animal Experimentation LaFollette, Hugh and Shanks, Niall 1996 Routledge Thorough investigation and expose of the weaknesses in both the standard defence and standard criticisms of vivisection.  
Call to Compassion: Religious Perspectives on Animal Advocacy Kemmerer, Lisa Lantern Books, 2011 A collection of stirring and passionate essays on the place of animals within philosophical, cultural, and religious worldviews  
Canines in the Classroom Rivera, Michelle   Raising Humane Children through Interactions with Animals Education
Cats and Dogs Are People Too! Gannon, Sharon     Comp-anion Animals
Changing The Game: Why the Battle for Animal Liberation Is So Hard, and How We Can Win It
Changing the Game
Phelps, Norm April 2013. Flashpoint Lantern Books ebook Calls for Animal Liberation Activists to Change the Game Activism
City Dog Curtis, Patricia   Choosing and Living Well with a Dog in Town Comp-anion animals
Chicken and Egg: Who pays the price? Druce, Clare 1989. Green Print Publishers, London A criticism of the poultry industry. Factory Farming
Chicken: The Dangerous Transformation of America?s Favorite Food.
Striffler, Steve 2006. Book review  
Christianity and the Rights of Animals Lindzey, Andrew 1987. Crossroad, New York Makes a strong case for the rights of animals from within a biblical perspective and argues that the often repeated claims that Christianity justifies dominion over animals are mistaken. Religion
Committed Mathews, Dave 2007   Memoirs of an Activist  
Compassion Is A Choice Sutton, T.E. 2007, Prurgent Explore with urgency this heartbreaking expose into the short-lived, horrifying existence of our animal friends. Factory Farming
Compassion: The Ultimate Ethic Moran, V. 1991. American Vegan Society, NJ, USA Exploration of veganism: its roots in eastern and western philosophy.  
Created from Animals: The Moral Implications of Darwinism Rachels, James 1990.    
"Cruel" - Graphic Novel Illustrates Animal Cruelty Coe, Sue 2012 A series of art and text about the meat industrial complex, the hidden lives of the victims of it. Factory Farming
Diet for a New America Robbins, John 1987. Walpole, NH: Stillpoint Publishing Examines problems with animal-based food systems with solutions, info on the link between diet and disease. Diet Ethics
Disposable Animals: Ending the Tragedy of Throwaway Pets Brestrup, Craig 1997. Leander, TX. Camino Bay Books Argues that deliberately killing millions of the animals closest to us each year represents a fundamental failure of animal advocacy. Unfortunately, the book fails to offer practical solutions to the problem.  
Do Hens Suffer in Battery Cages? Appleby, Michael 1991.The Athene Trust. Petersfield, Hants GU32 3EH Scientific evidence of hen suffering. Factory Farming
Dominion: The Power of Man, the Suffering of the Animals, and the Call to Mercy Scully, Matthew 2002. St Martin's Press, New York Former speechwriter to President George W. Bush, conservative Matthew Scully has written, exquisitely, a compelling book arguing for animal protection on the grounds not of rights or liberation but of mercy. Factory Farming
Don't Drink Your Milk Oski, Frank A. M.D. 1996. New York, Teach Services Inc. Director of the Department of Pediatrics, John Hopkins University of Medicine, explodes the milk myth.   
Drawing the Line: Science and the Case for Animal Rights Wise, Steven M. 2002. Perseus books. Extends the case for legal rights to include animals other than apes. His comparisons of the cognitive abilities of various animals with those of his four year old twins bring home his point with a nice quota of charm, yet the book is hard hitting, packed with scientific evidence and persuasive legal arguments.  
Dr. Spock's Baby and Child Care Spock, Benjamin, M.D. and Parker, Steen, J., M.D.  1998. New York. Pocket Books. 7th edition The chapter on nutrition in this child-rearing bible is a joy for vegans to read.   Spock makes it clear that children do best on vegetarian diets and that mother's milk, but never cow's milk, is best for baby.  
Eating Animals Foer, Jonathon 2010    
Eating With Conscience: The Bioethics of Food. Fox, Michael W. 1997. Troutdale, OR. New Sage Press Details the ethical ramifications of consumer food choices. A call to consumers, farmers, and policy makers to establish a green alliance with each other in order to change the current food system to protect animals and the environment. Diet Ethics
Elephants and Ethics: Toward a Morality of Coexistence Wemmer, Christen & Christen, Catherine A. press. "An important and timely contribution to the elephant debate." Elephants
Elizabeth Costello Coetzee, J.M. 2003. Viking It includes the two lessons that make up his 1999 book "The Lives of Animals." The arguments are radical and forceful.  
Encyclopedia of Animal Rights and Welfare Bekoff, Marc, ed 1998. Greenwood Press A compilation of multidisciplinary essays. Provides a broad-based and exhaustive overview of the primary issues central to the animal rights movement. Philo-sophy
Entering the Gates of Hell Gunn, Brian AAVS
Laboratory Cruelty You Were Not Meant to See  
Empty Cages: Facing the Challenge of Animal Rights Regan, Tom   Empty Cages --review
Eternal Treblinka: Our Treatment of Animals and the Holocaust Patterson, Charles, Ph.D. Eternal Treblinka--Attracting Attention Around the World Isaac Bashevis Singer drew the comparison, explored extensively in this compelling book. 
Treblinka -- review
Treblinka -- review
Treblinka in Germany
Germany's Media
Ethics and the Environment Jamieson, Dale Cambridge University Press Is it Ever Right to Shoot Goats, or Spill Raw Sewage into a Pristine Stream?: the Ethical Complexities of Saving the Environment  
Book Review: Exposing the Big Game Robertson, Jim Earth Books, 2012 Jim Roberton's fire-breathing jeremiad on the evils of hunting, opens with a passage that deserves quotation in full: Hunting
Factory Farming: The Experiment That Failed Animal Welfare Institute  1988. Washington, DC 20007 Fact-packed indictment of factory-farming on welfare and economic grounds. Factory Farming
Facts about Furs Nilsson, G. et. al 1980. Animal Welfare Institute, (op. cit.) On fur-farming and trapping. Fur-farming
Farm Animal Welfare: Social, Bioethical, and Research Issues. Rollin, Bernard 1995. Ames: Iowa State University Press Striking a balanced and rational approach, urges animal producers and agricultural scientists to begin to address welfare problems. Individual chapters describe welfare issues relevant to the use of different animal species in agriculture.  
Fear of the Animal Planet: The Hidden History of Animal Resistance Hribal, Jason   a book about the power struggle between humans and nonhuman animals in captivity  
Fettered Kingdoms Bryant, John 1990. Fox Press Publishers, Winchester Includes a well-known indictment of pet keeping.  
Fighting For Animals Coleman, Vernon entire text online    
Flashpoint: Addresses of Animal Abusers Young, Peter (editor)   Addresses of Fur Farms, Animal Research Labs, Slaughterhouses and Lab Animal Breeders For Activists  
For the Love of Animals: The Rise of the Animal Protection Movement Shevelow, Kathryn 2008  History of man's changing attitudes towards animals  
Fowl Gestures Chorush, Bob 2013 The riotous madness behind the animal rights menace  
Free the Animals: The Story of the Animal Liberation Front Newkirk, Ingrid 1992. Noble Press. An adventure story with loads of information about the early days of the Animal Liberation Front and the animal rights movement in the USA.  
From Dusk 'Til Dawn, Distributed in the U.S. Mann, Keith   The definitive book on the ALF.  
Get Political For Animals Lewin, Julie E.      
God's Covenant with Animals Hyland, J.R.   A Biblical Basis for the Humane Treatment of All Creatures Religion
God Does Not Eat Meat Poletti, Arthur      
Gristle Moby   Gristle: From Factory Farms to Food Safety (Thinking Twice About the Meat We Eat  
Grow Your Own Tree Hugger Rosenoff, Wendy      
Happier Meals: Rethinking the Global Meat Industry
Nierenberg, Danielle World Watch Institute Chapter 1 in full
Rethinking Meat
History of the Humane Movement Niven, Charles D. 1967. Johnson Publishers, London From antiquity to today. Animal Rights
Hope's Edge
The Next Diet for a Small Planet.
Lappe, Frances Moore and Anna 2002 This updated version of the original classic provides new discoveries in this era of genetically engineered foods, worldwide famine, and growing rates of obesity-related health issues.  
"How Animals Grieve", Questions for author King, Barbara J.      
How Nonviolence Protects the State Gelderloos, Peter 2007 Challenges the belief that nonviolence is the only way to fight for a better world.  
Igniting a Revolution:  Voices in Defense of Mother Earth
Steven Best, Ph.D., Anthony J. Nocella, II 2006.    
In Defense of Animals Singer, Peter 1985. Oxford & New York: Basil Blackwell Inc.    
Inhumane Society Fox, Michael W. 1990. St. Martins Press, New York The American Way of Exploiting Animals  
The Inner World of Farm Animals Hatkoff, Amy      
In Search of Consistency: Ethics and Animals Kemmerer, Lisa Brill Academic Publishers, 2006 intersection of animal rights, environmental ethics, and religious studies examines the work of influential scholars  
In the Name of Science: Issues in Responsible Animal Experimentation Orlans, Barbara 1993. New York: Oxford University Press Analysis of the social, political, and ethical conflicts surrounding the use of animals in scientific experiments. Rejects both extremes of the controversy and instead argues for public policy reforms that serve to improve the welfare of laboratory animals.  
In Your Face: From Actor to Activist DeRose, Chris 1997. Duncan Publishing, Los Angeles Chris DeRose, founder of Last Chance for Animals, shares his "Direct Action" experiences with us. Chris's tale is gripping, and a punchy statement on the animal torture known as vivisection.  
Jesus Was A Vegan Saba 2007. This book raises many interrelated important issues in life  
Judaism and Vegetarianism Schwartz, Richard W.      
Katrina Rescues        
Keyguide to Information Sources in Animal Rights Magel, Charles R. AAVS    
Kids and Animals Bekoff, Marc   book to inspire young people to draw and write about their feelings for animals and to put their own ideas into action to care for animals, protect their habitats, and promote compassion, empathy, coexistence, and peace  
Laboratory Animal Husbandry: Ethology, Welfare and Experimental Variables Fox, Michael W. 1986. Albany. State Univ. of N.Y. Press A thoughtful evaluation of how to improve the lot of animals in laboratories.  
Lethal Laws: Animal Testing, Human Health and Environmental Policy Fano, Alix 1998. New York. St. Martin's Press Scientifically solid and accessible. Great resource for animal advocates looking to educate themselves about environmental policy and animal testing.  
Life on the line: The Heroic Story of Vicki Moore Mench, Matilda 2007. Bluecoat At the heart of the biography are campaigns waged against bull-fighting, fox-hunting, rodeos, blood fiestas and hare-coursing Biography
Lives in the Balance: The Ethics of Using Animals in Biomedical Research Smith, Jane and Kenneth Boyd 1991. New York: Oxford University Press Describes evidence for the capacity of animals to experience pain, distress, and anxiety; outlines strategies for weighing the benefits of experiments against the harm caused to animals; and examines the possibilities for using non-animal alternatives.  
Livin' La Vegan Loca
Kramer, Sarah 2005.   Diet Ethics
Living Trophies: A Shocking Look at the Conditions in Americas Zoos Batten, Peter 1976. New York, Thomas Y. Crowell Company   Zoos
Mad Cowboy: Plain Truth From the Cattle Rancher Who Won't Eat Meat Lyman, Howard F. 1998. Scribner, New York, Here is a thumping good tale courtesy of Oprah's co-defendant in the case against the beef industry. Besides being a great read, it gives loads of detail about the dangers for all posed by the beef and dairy industries.  
Sue Coe: 'Mad as Hell!: New Work (and Some Classics)' Coe, Sue 2012    
Making a Killing: The Political Economy of Animal Rights Torres, Bob 2007 This book will give you a clear understanding as to why social justice movements for people must take animal rights seriously. politics
Book 'MEAT THE TRUTH' Nicolaas G. Pierson Foundation 2010 Meat the Truth, Essays on Livestock Production, Sustainability and Climate Change  
Merle's Door; Lessons from a Freethinking Dog Kerasote, Ted
2007. Harcourte
Weaving the story of Merle's life and lessons with the latest research on animal consciousness and behavior, Merle's Door shows us how dogs might live if we gave them more freedom, no matter where we live. Comp-anion Animals
Monsters and Miracles Kaskel, Gary 2013 Henry Bergh's America First new biography in more than 50 years  
Morals, Reason, and Animals. Sapontzis, Steve F. 1987. Philadelphia: Temple University Press Offers well-reasoned arguments for animal rights on the basis of consistent extensions of current accepted moral views. Provides some of the clearest and best discussions of vexing objectives to animal rights -- for example, the issue of animal predation.  
More Than a Meal Davis, Karen   The Turkey in History, Myth, Ritual, and Reality
More info
Diet Ethics
Naked Empress: The Great Medical Fraud Ruesch, Hans 1982. London: Civis Why vivisection is a major cause of human disease  
Nature Ethics: An Ecofeminist Perspective Kheel, Marti 2007. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers Explores the underlying worldview of nature ethics, offering an alternative ecofeminist approach Studies in Social, Political, & Legal Philosophy
Never Cry Wolf Mowat, Farley 1963    
Nim Chimpsky: The Chimp Who Would Be Human Hess, Elizabeth 2008. Bantam The story of Nim Chimpsky, who in the 1970s was the subject of an experiment begun at the University of Oklahoma to find out whether a chimp could learn American Sign Language?and thus refute Noam Chomsky?s influential thesis that language is inherent only in humans.  
Ninety-Five: Meeting America's Farmed Animals Compilation 2010 A rare and life-changing book. It evokes a sense of wonder, joy and awe, and a recognition of how interwoven we are with all of life.  
No Happy Cows- Dispatches from the Front lines of the Food Revolution Robbins, John 2012 No Happy Cows shares cutting edge disease-beating, health-activating, age-reversing information, and tools to make a difference in the world.  
No Room, Save in the Heart Free, Ann Cottrell AAVS Poetry and Prose on Reverence for Life--Animals, Nature and Humankind  
Ocean Warriors Watson, Paul      
Operation Bite Back Kuipers, Dean      
Of Mice, Models, and Men: A Critical Evaluation of Animal Research. Rowan, Andrew 1984. Albany: State University of New York Press Somewhat dated, this book is an evenhanded summation of the various sorts of animal research and the history of controversy surrounding them.  
One Big Happy Family Rogak, Lisa   pictures and stories of 50 different interspecies friendships  
Peace to All Beings Carman, Judy   Veggie Soup for the Chicken?s Soul Religion
Pet Loss Harris, Julia   A spiritual guide. Comp-anion Animals
Pleasurable Kingdom: Animals and the Nature of Feeling Good Balcombe, Jonathan   review  
Penelope, A Puppy Mill Dog Veilleux, Gisele 2007 This delightful and educational story, about a boy and his dog, will entertain and educate readers of all ages. The book gently introduces the abuses of the Puppy Mill Industry.  
Planet Chicken Ellis, Hattie 2007 Planet Chicken: The Shameful Story of the Bird on Your Plate Factory Farming
Political Theory and Animal Rights Clarke and Lindzey (Eds.) 1990. This book provides interesting excepts from thinkers since Plato to Regan on the issue of our relations and duties towards animals.  
The Politics Of The Pasture McWilliams, James 2013 available as e-book How Two Oxen Inspired a National Debate about Eating Animals.  
"The Politics of Total Liberation" - Dr. Steve Best Best, Steve 2014     
Primate People: Saving Nonhuman Primates through Education, Advocacy, and Sanctuary Kemmerer, Lisa U of Utah Press, 2012 Draws readers into the lives of nonhuman primates though the eyes and voices of activists working around the world to save chimpanzees and owl monkeys, woolly monkeys and gibbons  
Prisoned Chickens, Poisoned Eggs Davis, Karen 2009 A well-documented indictment of the poultry industry Factory Farming
Pulling the Wool Townend, Christine 1985. Hale and Ironmonger Publishers, Sydney, Australia The Australian wool and sheep industry  
Radical Vegetarianism Braunstein, Mark 1983. Panjandrum Books, Los Angeles   Diet Ethics
Rain Without Thunder Francione, Gary L. 1996. Philadelphia. Temple University Press The Ideology of the Animal Rights Movement Animal Rights
Rape of the Wild: Man's Violence against Animals and the Earth Collard, Andree with Contruccu, Joyce 1989.   Philo-sophy
Rattling the Cage Wise, Steven M. 2000. Perseus books. Explores the similarities between Chimps, Bonobos, and humans. He discusses the artificial legal wall which separates us from all other animals. He argues that granting the rights of bodily liberty and bodily integrity to other Great Apes is the obvious place to begin breaking down that wall.  
Reason For Hope Goodall, Jane 1999. Warner Books An inspiring book, of her work with the chimpanzees of Gombe, and her work in the rest of the world, on their behalf.  
Reckoning with the Beast Turner, James  1980. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press A discussion of the rise of concern for the humane treatment of animals during the Victorian Period.  
Redemption Winograd, Nathan J. 2007  No-kill Animal Shelters  
Regarding Animals Arluke, Arnold and Clinton Sanders 1996. Philadelphia. Temple University Press Combining sociological analysis with personal experience, two sociologists offer fascinating insights into the history and practice of how we construct animals and how we ultimately construct ourselves in relation to them. Chronicles the experiences of shelter and research lab workers and reveals the complex strategies used to cope with the emotional traumas of the job.  
Sacred Cows and Golden Geese:
The Human Cost of Experiments on Animals
Greek, Ray, MD. & Jean Swingle, DVM 2000. Continuum Pub Group The Greeks argue beautifully against vivisection on the grounds of bad science - the harm to humans that comes from investing in animal experimentation.  
Save the Animals! 101 Easy Things You Can Do Newkirk, Ingrid 1990. New York. Warner Practical guides to making a difference for animals in everyday life.  
Science and the Search for God Kowalski, Gary     Religion
Science on Trial: The Human Cost of Animal Experimentation Sharpe, Robert 1994. Sheffield: Awareness Publishing, Ltd. A powerful body of evidence documenting the failures, misleading results and missed opportunities of animal research, citing over a hundred examples.  
Seal Wars Watson, Paul      
Second Nature Jonathan Balcombe, Ph.D. 2010 Case for Animal Intelligence and Emotion
Second Nature - book review
Sistah Vegan! Food, Health, Identity, and Society Harper, Amie 2007, Fall. Sugar Cane Press It's an anthology of black females who practice veganism.  
Sister Species: Women, Animals, and Social Justice Kemmerer, Lisa U. of Illinois Press, 2011 addresses interconnections between speciesism, sexism, racism, and homophobia, clarifying why social justice activists in the 21st century must identify and challenge these various intersecting forms of oppression simultaneously  
Skinny Bitch - A Diet Book With Attitude Freedman, Rory & Kim Barnouin   Entertaining Diet book with veganism as a theme Diet Book
Slaughterhouse: The Shocking Story of Greed, Neglect, and Inhumane Treatment Inside the U.S. Meat Industry Eisnitz, Gail 1997. New York. prometheus books

flier: Slaughter-house

Shows the disturbing indifference displayed by the meat industry toward animal suffering, toward exploitation of its human workers, and to diseases in meat.

Factory Farming
Slaughter of the Innocent Ruesch, Hans 1983. New York: Bantam Books An impassioned attack on vivisection, relentlessly describes the agonies endured by animals in research and charges vivisectors with scientific fraud, malice, and madness. The depictions of animal suffering are haunting, but the analysis of the motives of scientists is fairly incredible.
Speaking Out for Animals Stallwood, Kim W. (ed) Fwd Jane Goodall   True Stories about Real People Who Rescue Animals  
Speaking Up for Animals: An Anthology of Women's Voices Kemmerer, Lisa Paradigm Publishers, 2011 Takes us with animal activists in action  
Speciesism Dunayer, Joan   Speciesism -- Review
Speciesism -- Review
Speciesism Review -- by Dr. Steve Best
Animal Rights
Specious Science Greek, Ray, MD. & Jean Swingle, DVM 2002. Continuum Pub Group How Genetics And Evolution Reveal Why Medical Research On Animals Harms Humans  
Stories Rabbits Tell Davis, Susan E. & DeMello, Margo   A Natural and Cultural History of a Misunderstood Creature Pets
Strolling with Our Kin Bekoff, Mark and Goodall, Jane   Speaking for and Respecting Voiceless Animals Religion
Taking Stock: Animal Farming and The Environment Durning, Alan & Brough, Holy 1991. WorldWatch Institute, Wash. DC The environmental cost of animal farming. Factory Farming
Terrorists or Freedom Fighters?Reflections on the Liberation of Animals Steven Best, Ph.D., Anthony J. Nocella, II 2004. Lantern The first anthology of writings on the history, ethics, politics and tactics of the Animal Liberation Front. This is a provocative book that challenges the values and assumptions that pervade our culture.
Terrorists? -- review
Terrorists? -- review
Terrorists -- Review by Karen Davis, PhD.
Thanking the Monkey
Rethinking the Way we Treat Animals
Dawn, Karen 2008. Harper    
That's Why We Don't Eat Animals

- review
Roth, Ruby 2011 it can be tricky business explaining to kids where the meat for their hot dog, bacon or turkey sandwich comes from.  
The American Conservation Movement: John Muir and His Legacy Fox, Stephen 1981. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press Chronicles the beginnings of the environmental movement in the U.S. through the actions and legacy of John Muir, founder of the Sierra Club.  
The Animal Estate: The English and Other Creatures in the Victorian Age Ritvo, Harriet 1987. Cambridge, Harvard University Press Deftly written and generously illustrated, this book details the spectrum of Victorian animal concerns: the antivivisection movement, the popularity of zoology, the hunt, a rabies panic, and more.  
The American Hunting Myth Baker, Ron 1985. New York. Vantage Press Details how hunter-dominated state and federal wildlife agencies are systematically destroying America's wildlife and natural lands. Explodes the myth that hunters are responsible for subsidizing parks and wilderness by showing that taxpayers are instead footing the bill for the special interests of hunters. Hunting
The Animal Rights Debate: Abolition or Regulation? Francione, Gary 2010 Argues the Abolitionist Position  
The Animals' Agenda Directory of Organizations Stallwood, Kim W.   In conjunction with Animal Rights Network  
The Animal Point of View Baratay, Eric 2012 History is always described as an adventure only affecting man. However, animals have in past, and continue, to play a significant role in both great events and slow phenomena of civilisation  
That's Why We Don't Eat Animals Roth, Ruby 2009. North Atlantic Books Uses colorful artwork and lively text to introduce vegetarianism and veganism to early readers (ages 6-10) veganism
The Animal Welfare Handbook Clough, C. and Kew, B. 1993. 4th Estate, London, UK   Shopping
The Animal-Free Shopper Farhall, R., Lucas, R., & A. Rofe A. (Eds.) 1991. The Vegan Society, East Sussex   Shopping
The Animal Liberation Movement: Its Philosophy, Its Achievements and Its Future Singer, Peter 1986. Old Hammond Press Publishers, Nottingham    
The Animal Rights Crusade: The Growth of a Moral Protest Jasper, James and Dorothy Nelkin 1992. New York: The Free Press A chronicle and analysis of the modem animal rights movement, its issues and strategies, written by sociologists.  
The Animal Rights Movement in America: From Compassion to Respect Finsen, Lawrence & Finsen, Susan 1994. New York. Twain Publishers This scholarly yet eminently readable book uniquely melds the historical and the contemporary, the empirical and the conceptual, advocacy and objectivity, to provide an unequaled overview of the theory and practice of social ethical concern for animals. Animal Rights
The Ark & the Covenant: Living in Godly Relationship
Farington, Debra      
The Bible According to Noah Kowalski, Gary   Theology as If Animals Mattered Religion
The Bloodless Revolution Stuart, Tristram 2007. Norton A Cultural History of Vegetarianism From 1600 to Modern Times History
The Bonobo and the Atheist de Waal, Frans 2013 famed primatologist Frans de Waal uses his experiments on animals to develop a bottom-up theory of human behavior  
The Case for Animal Rights. Regan, Tom 1983. Berkeley: University of California Press, A rigorous and thorough defense of rights of animals. Essential reading for anyone serious about the philosophical foundations of the notion of animal rights. The first part takes an extended look at the nature of animal minds. The second half develops a theory of the value of animal lives and carefully worked out applications of the theory to the issues of vegetarianism, vivisection, hunting, and so forth.  
The Costs and Benefits of Animal Experiments

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Knight, Andrew 2011. Palgrave Macmillan Are animal experiments justified? Sheds new light on one of the greatest controversies in animal ethics.
The Costs and Benefits of Animal Experiements
The Cruel Deception: The Use of Animals in Medical Research Sharpe, Robert 1989. Thorsons Publishers, UK Detailed study of the barbarity and uselessness of vivisection.  
The Diary of Michelle Rokke Rokke, Michelle   Undercover Activist  
The Dolphin in the Mirror Reiss, Diana 2012 A memoir by the world�s leading dolphin and whale expert, revealing the extraordinary richness of these animals� intelligence and exposing our terrible mistreatment of the smartest creatures in the sea.  
The Dominion of Love Phelps, Norm   Animal Rights According to the Bible Religion
The Dreaded Comparison: Human and Animal Slavery Spiegel, Marjorie. 1996. Mirror Books Powerfully illustrates the similarities between the enslavement of blacks and the enslavement of animals. As Alice Walker, who supplies the preface, says, "The book can be read in an hour but will take a lifetime to forget."  
The Emotional Lives of Animals and Children Crain, William
Turning Stone Press 2014 Insights from a Farm Sanctuary  
The Extended Circle: A Commonplace Book of Animal Rights Wynne-Tyson, Jon 1989. New York: Paragon House A collection of contemporary writings of thinkers who have argued for a holistic compassion that extends to all living things. An invaluable reference for animal advocates.  
The Face On Your Plate Masson, Jeffrey Moussaieff 2009. Implores readers to consider and re-imagine how what they eat affects not just their own health but also the health of the Earth  
The Feminist Care Tradition in Animal Ethics

Donovan, Josephine  & Adams, Carol J., editors

2008 A compelling examination of the workings of power, prejudice, and ideology.  
The Food Revolution: How your Diet Can Help Save Your Life and The World Robbins, John 2001. Conari Press, California An update on Diet for a New America. It presents an easy to read and convincing argument on behalf of a plant based diet, for the sake of our health and the health of this planet. Diet Ethics
The Frankenstein Syndrome: Ethical and Social Issues in the Genetic Engineering of Animals. Rollin, Bernard 1995. New York: Cambridge University Press  A philosophically sophisticated and scientifically well-informed discussion of the moral and social issues raised by genetically engineered animals, a powerful technology that has major implications for society.  
The Great Compassion Phelps, Norm   Buddhism and Animal Rights Religion
The Holocaust & the Henmaid's Tale: A Case for Comparing Atrocities
Davis, Karen      
The Human Use of Animals: Case Studies in Ethical Choice Orlans, Barbara, Tom Beauchamp, Rebecca Dresser, David Morton, and John Gluck 1997. New York: Oxford University Press A look at the wide range of animal uses by humans. The authors discuss animal use from various perspectives, including the users', animal welfare and rights advocates', and the animal's.  
The Inner World of Farm Animals Hatkoff, Amy 2009    
The Last Great Wild Beast Show Jordon, Bill and Ormond, Stefan 1978. Constable Publishers, London. How animals are snatched from the wild to be shipped to zoos worldwide. Zoos
The Lifelong Activist Rettig, Hillary 2006 Gives insightful tips on organizing your activist lifestyle. activism
The Link Between Animal Abuse and Human Violence Linsey, Andrew, editor      
The Lives of Animals Coetzee, J.M. 1999. Princeton University Press Two lessons on animal rights, delivered by the fictional character Elizabeth Costello, are included in Coetzee's latest work above. This book also includes responses to those lessons.  
The Longest Struggle: Animal Advocacy Phelps, Norm Lantern Books, 2007 tells the story of animal exploitation and the battle for animal justice AR History
The Lost Religion of Jesus Akers, Keith   Simple Living and Nonviolence in Early Christianity Christ-ianity, veget-arianism
The Monkey Wars Blum, Deborah 1994. Oxford University Press Deborah Blum won a Pulitzer for the series of articles which inspired this book. It explores the politics of monkey use and abuse looking at the issues from  "both sides." It reads like a gripping novel. Animal Testing
The Moral Status of Animals Clark, Stephen 1977. Oxford University Press Publishers, Oxford The roots of humans' treatment of animals in sentimental fantasy Philo-sophy
The Nature of the Beast: Are Animals Moral? Clark, Stephen     Philo-sophy
The Pig Who Sang to the Moon: The Emotional World of Farm Animals Masson, Jeffrey Moussaieff 2003. Ballantine Masson intersperses heartwarming vignettes from the lives of various types of farmed animals, with some gruesome information on the way those animals generally live and die in our society.  
The Pornography of Meat Adams, Carol 2003. Continuum Review
Adams argues that both the eating of meat and the enjoyment of pornography rely on the ability to see someone as something, and  to divide the individual into consumable parts. The short book is thought-provoking.
The Power of Your Plate Barnard, Neal 1990. Summertown, TN. Book Publishing Company Lets leaders in research tell of their findings on the effects of consuming animal products on human health. Leading experts, such as Dr. Michael DeBakey and Dr. Richard Leakey, discuss how eating habits have evolved and determine our chances for a long and healthy life. Diet Ethics
The REAL Forbidden Fruit: How Meat Destroys Paradise And How Veganism Can Get It Back Popick, Jeff 2007 Offers compelling and, ironically, logical evidence that meat was the real "forbidden fruit." Religion
The Rights of Nature: The History of Environmental Ethics Nash, Roderick 1989. Madison University of Wisconsin Pres Charts the history of contemporary philosophical and religious beliefs regarding nature, focusing primarily on changing attitudes toward nature in the U.S. The first comprehensive history of the concept that nature has rights.  
The Rose-Tinted Menagerie Johnson, William PETA (op. cit.) Describes behind-the-scenes action in circuses, aquariums, and zoos Circuses, Zoos
The Savour of Salt--A Henry Salt Anthology Hendrick,  Goerge & Willene (eds) 1989. Centaur Press Publishers, Fontwell    
The Sexual Politics of Meat: A Feminist Vegetarian Critical Theory. Adams, Carol 1990. New York. Continuum A fascinating historical and current analysis of the relationship between feminism and meat eating; maintains that the images and attitudes toward women and animals are importantly related. Philo-sophy
The Struggle for Animal Rights. Regan, Tom 1987. Clarks Summit, PA: International Society for Animal Rights In part an autobiography, also contains discussions of some important and sometimes neglected issues, such as the role of culture in the struggle for animal rights, the challenge of religion, and civil disobedience.  
The Unheeded Cry: Animal Consciousness, Pain, and Science. Rollin, Bernard 1990. Oxford: Oxford University Press  Scientists have, until recently, denied that animals feel pain and suffer. The history of this denial, its adverse effects on science, and the extensive evidence for the commonsense view that animals do feel pain are the focus of this book.  
The Vision of Eden: Animal Welfare and Vegetarianism in Jewish Law and Mysticism" and "Man and Beast: Torah Perspectives And Laws Concerning Man's Relationship With The Animal Kingdom"
Sears, David   Two reviews Religion
The Way of Compassion Survival Strategies for a World in Crisis Rowe, Martin, (ed.)  1999. New York: Stealth Technologies Collection of the inspiring, thoughtful and practical wisdom of contemporary thinkers and activists from all walks of life, working to maintain sustainable lifestyles and practice non-violence in all its forms. Veget-arianism, Environ-mentalism, Animal Advocacy, and Social Justice
The Way We Eat: Why Our Food Choices Matter.
Singer, Peter and Jim Mason 2006. Excerpt from "The Way We Eat"  
They All Had Eyes: Confessions of a Vivisectionist Slusher, Michael 2016    
The Zookeeper's Wife: A War Story Ackerman, Diane 2007, W.W. Norton The book is based on historical fact, with events at the Warsaw Zoo in 1935 Activism
Thinking with Animals: New Perspectives on Anthropo-morphism Daston, Lorranine & Mitman, Gregg eds. 2005.
New York: Columbia University Press
Contemplating Animals and Selves Science
Thought to Exist in the Wild: Awakening from the Nightmare of Zoos Jensen, Derrick 2008
no voice unheard .org
Critiques one of America?s most unquestioned institutions: zoos. zoos
Up against the Law Roberts, J.J. 1987. Arc Print, London 1986 Public Order Act and its implications for Animal Rights protests. Law
Unhappy Meals Pollan, Michael 2007.   Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. Diet
Vegan: The New Ethics of Eating Marcus, Erik 1997 This is an easy to read look into the health, ethical, & environmental advantages of veganism. Research for the book, was funded by the late, great, Henry Spira.  
Vegetarian Cats and Dogs. Reibow, Verona and Dune, Jonathan. 1995. Harbingers of a New Age. Troy, Montana All the information you need on feeding your companions a vegetarian diet. Publishers can be contacted at  
Victims of Science: The Use of Animals in Research. Ryder, Richard 1975, revised in 1983. London: Davis-Poynter A study of the use of research animals in Britain, including statistics, types of research, life in the laboratory, British legislation, and the histories of vivisection and compassion.  
Vivisection and Dissection in the Classroom Francione, Gary L. & Charlton, Anna E. 1992. Jenkintown. American Anti-Viv. Society A Guide to Conscientious Objection. Legal citings, sample pleadings, and letters. Animal Testing
Waste of the West: Public Lands Ranching Jacobs, Lynn P.O. Box 5784, Tucson, AZ 85703    
Looking Into Their Eyes: We Animals McArthur, Jo-Anne 2014    
We're Vegan Bean, Anna 2013 Explains the vegan philosophy clearly to both vegans and non-vegans of all ages.  
Western Turf Wars Hudek, Mike      
When Elephants Weep McCarthy, Susan and Masson, Jeffrey Moussaieff 1996. Delta An easy to read book that presents evidence for and a discussion of the complex emotional lives of non-human animals.  
Why Animals Matter: The Case for Animal Protection Williams, Erin E. & DeMello, Margo 2007, Prometheus  Statistics, news reports, anecdotes, and observations exposing the sufferings of many creatures in many industries  
Why Animal Suffering Matters Linsey, Andrew 2009. Oxford systematic analysis and criticism of hugely significant public documents on hunting with dogs, fur farming and commercial sealing, underwritten by a form of Chomskyan social criticism  
Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows Joy, Melanie   You tube trailer  
Wild Animals and American Environmental Ethics. Mighetto, Lisa 1991

Tucson: University of Arizona Press,

Illustrates how the debate of the ethics of wildlife protection evolved into the animal rights activism of today, describing how animal lovers gradually came to advocate protection even of predators, which led to the development of modern ecological values and the biocentric perspective.  
Without a Tear: Our Tragic Relationship With Animals Bernstein, Mark H.      
You Can Save the Animals Newkirk, Ingrid 1999. California, Prima Publishing A thoughtful look at animal suffering and what we can do to help.  
1000 Doctors (And Many More) Against Vivisection Ruesch, Hans 1989. London: Civis    
Nierenberg, Danielle World Watch Institute    
Book Reviews
Animal Passions and Beastly Virtues by Marc Bekoff ; Lisa Kemmerer, PhD
The Way We Eat: Why Our Food Choices Matter by Peter Singer and Jim Mason
Richard Kahn
In Defense of Animals: The Second Wave (edited by Peter Singer)
Reviewed by Matthew Calarco, PhD
Dominion: The Power of Man, the Suffering of Animals, and the Call to Mercy by Matthew Scully
Reviewed by Lisa Kemmerer, PhD
Word Doc Adobe .pdf

The Longest Struggle: Animal Advocacy from Pythagoras to PETA by Norm Phelps
Reviewed by Steven Best, PhD

Terrorists or Freedom Fighters?: Reflections on the Liberation of Animals (edited by Steven Best and Anthony J. Nocella II)
Reviewed by Lauren E. Eastwood, PhD

Book Discussion: Ethics, Humans, and Other Animals

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