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Alicia Silverstone: Definitely Not "Clueless" About Animal Rights

As the star of this summer's sleeper comedy hit, CLUELESS, Alicia Silverstone is the quintessential teen queen with her own "Valley Girl" speak. But, did you know this talented 18-year-old is the exact opposite of the clueless vixen she portrays on the big screen. She's not only beautiful, she's bright . . . and has a heart as big as her new deal with Columbia Pictures (estimated at $10 million) when it comes to animals and their rights!

Before Alicia got her start in the entertainment industry, she waitressed for a time at a restaurant where she is remembered for her daily feedings of all the birds and squirrels who hung out there. Today, she's replaced those friendships with the love of her dog, her constant companion. She is a member of numerous animal rights organizations, including The Ark Trust and Last Chance for Animals. A dedicated activist, she sends out pro-animal literature in her fan mail and volunteers for animal groups whenever she can.

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