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Jon Stewart Quits Comedy, Starts Animal Sanctuary to Rescue Abused Factory Farm Animals - Oct 2015
Bardot's call to end 'greatest collective sacrifice of animals' - Nov 2014
Why Mayim Bialik Will Never Ride Elephants - Oct 2014
Bardot proving it's OK to grow old - Oct 2014
Pamela Anderson Rejects Ice Bucket Challenge Because Of ALS Animal Testing History - August 2014
Robin Williams' Little-Known Role as an Animal Advocate - August 2014
Maggie Q. Makes X-Mas Pardon Plea for Pound Animals - Dec 2013
Celebrities vs. use of baboons in experiments in Kenya - Dec 2013
"Stunning Model Joins us as Ambassador & Silent Vigil At Moolooaba" - Dec 2013
Mickey Rourke Pledges $250,000 to Open Romanian Dog Shelter - Oct 2013
Twiggy calls on London Fashion Week to reject real fur - Sept 2013
Marina Sirtis - July 2013
Famous Ex-Cannibal Turns Vegan - June 2013
Bob Barker Speaks Out About Pennsylvania's Cruel Live Pigeon Shoots - 4/13
Actor Edie Falco Urges Families to Skip the Circus - 3/13
Actor James Cromwell arrested in UW animal rights protest - 2/13
Anne Hathaway Required Custom-Made Vegan Shoes for Her Les Miserables Character - December 2012
Anne Hathaway - December 2012
Roger Moore Calls for Boycott of Fortnum & Mason Over Foie Gras - October 2012
      (CN/UK) Foie gras factory project abandoned
Ricky Gervais lashed out against cosmetics companies that put profit before compassion - July 2012
Alli Simpson Video Asking Teens to Join "The Hunt" to Address Animal Welfare - July 2012
Mickey Rourke to Build Animal Shelter in Romania - April 2012
Emily Deschanel Joins In Defense Of Animals To Promote Vegan Diet & World Go Vegan Week - Jan 2012
Barbi Twins Radio Interview - Jan 2012
Celebrities to McDonald's: "I'm Hatin' It" - December 2011
The Big Top-ple, Daily Activist Article - Nov 2011
TV Star Alesha Dixon appeals on behalf of the League - October 2011
Dolphin Project: Celebrity Video - October 2011
Lily Tomlin Joins Effort To Stop Hope, Maine Elephant Facility
'Ringling Bros. Baby Killers' Narrated by Kathy Najimy - April 2011
Pamela Anderson pleads to China on seal meat - April 2011
Elissa Sursara Interview - April 2011
     Elissa Sursara hospitalised after being found unconscious - Sept 2011
Interview with Christophe Marie, Spokesman of the Foundation Brigitte Bardot - April 2011
Alicia Silverstone on Being Happy, Healthy, and Saving the Planet - Feb 2011
Brooklyn dance teacher Cynthia King has special passion for animal welfare and advocacy - Jan 2011
Jessica Simpson to Open Fast-Food Vegan Restaurants - Nov 2010
Barbi Twins Lobby to Stop Crush Videos - Nov 2010
Emily Deschanel Joins In Defense Of Animals To Promote Vegan Diet & World Go Vegan Week, October 24 - 31 - October 2010
Maggie Q - Nikita - Sept 2010
Katherine Heigl pledges $1 million to help animal shelters - Sept 2010
Celebrities Speak the Ugly Truth About Cruel Botox
Charo Mart�n, Baila, no torees! - May 2010
Woody Harrelson Wants Veggie Choices in Schools - May 2010
Interviews with Emily Deschanel (TV's - Bones) - Feb 2010
Natalie Portman Equates Meat-Eating With Rape - Jan 09
Actor John Schneider Talks about "Earthlings"
Roger Moore against Foie Gras - Sept '09   Roger Moore 2
Permanent Changes or Just Trends? Brigitte, Ellen, & Pam
Pamela Anderson on the Larry King Show - May 2008
Alicia Siverstone
Alicia Silverstone raves about veganism -- on TV's "Ellen"
Alicia Silverstone's Vegetarian Ad - Sept 2007
        Rats Are People Too
Anneka Svenska -- page and link to her web site.   Anneka p.2 -- Anneka at anti-fur protest
Bea Arthur --
Betty White - Lifelong friend of animals
Bollywood Stars Want Animal Cruelty to Stop - April 2007
Bree Sharp --
Brigitte Bardot --
     Bardot Praises Slovenian President's AR Stance - Dec. 2006
     Bardot mauls French government over animal rights - Oct. 2006
Celebrities Speak for Animal Rights - November 2007
Charlize_Theron -- news
      Charlize Theron's Ad - November 2006
Daryl Hannah -- What sent Hannah up a tree ?
Forest Whitaker and daughter
Fur Is Back - Elayne Boosler -- January 2007
Fur News -- Oct 2005. Heather Mills McCartney and Pamela Anderson in the news.
Furtraitors --
Gabrielle Miller - Dec 2007
Goldfinger --
Grrr! The 'Zine That Bites Back --
Hayden Panettiere - November 2007
Is Eating Meat a Crime? asks Jorja Fox - November 2006
Jackie Chan --
Jamie Lee Curtis --
Jennifer and Pryor's Planet - Dec 2007
Julia Palmer-Stoll -- June 12, 2005. 21 year-old German TV actress died after saving a small hedgehog in the street
Juliette Lewis -- video interview
Kevin Nealon --
Letter from Linda Blair - October 2006
Linda Blair Speaks --
    Blair on Puppy Mills
    Linda Blair - Puppy Mills and her Pets - Youtube video
Loretta Swit -- Nov 2005. Loretta Swit talks turkey in Orland.
Missy Higgins -- and other celebrities used in advertisements
More Celebs --
MTM --
Pam in China -- Oct. 2005. Pamela Anderson on China anti-fur ads.
Paris Hilton -- July 2006. Paris gives up fur and meat.
Portman --
Ricci makes anti-fur pledge -- December 2006
Richard Dean Anderson -- On the Sea Shepherd's Board of Directors.
Rooney --
Sarah Jane -- Aug 2005. Boycott KFC
Smith_Iams -- Oct 2005. Anna Nicole Smith's dogs boycott Iams.
St.Photos 1; Kate Ford
St.Photos 2 ; Linda and Paul McCartney, Kim Basinger, Chan Marshall, Fernanda, Jenna Morasca, Miss Booth (Miss Great Britain), Patricia Manterola
St.Photos 3 ; Bill Maher, James Cromwell, Rikki, Spice girl
St.Photos 4 ; Sheryl Lee; Pamela Lee Anderson, Persia Winter
Tobey Maguire has imposed a leather ban on himself - April 2007
Veggie Models -- 2005 Models turning vegetarian


Alicia Silverstone , actress, in anti-dissection public service announcements for PETA, says, "Science class doesn't have to be a funeral."
Directors Oliver Stone, Rob Reiner, Richard Donner, Norman Lear, Wolfgang Peterson, and Joel Schumacher have pledged not to use real fur in any of their movies.
TV Producers of "Baywatch", "Rescue 911" and "Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman".
Dee Wallace Stone
Loretta Swit , actress
Kathleen Turner ; actress, At PETA's 1993 Animals Ball
Lindsay Wagner ; actress, At PETA's 1993 Animals Ball
Bea Arthur ; actress, Golden Girls
Brigitte Bardot is an active animal rights supporter (on TV, September 28, 1994)
Bob Barker Harvard Gazette- HLS establishes Bob Barker endowment
Clive Barker ; Hellraiser movies -- asked newspapers to put hunting and fishing columns on the obituary pages.
Elizabeth Berkley , film star, posed wearing nothing but but collard greens for PETA's "Lettuce be Lean" campaign.
Grace Slick--donates money from "White Rabbit" to help rabbits.
Hulk Hogan and his wife, Linda, fight against animal testing
Earl Holliman;
David Horowitz , TV
Casey Kasem ; America's Top Forty
Bernie Kopell ; actor, Love Boat
Cloris Leachman ; actress
Sabrina LeBeauf ; Cosby Show
Pamela Lee , Baywatch -- billboard in NY: Give Fur the Cold Shoulder.
Ali MacGraw ; actress
Rue McClanahan ; The Golden Girls
Steve Martin
Liza Minnelli ; actress
Kevin Nealon ; Saturday Night Live
Casandra Peterson , Beverly Hills, aka: Elvira. Supports Animal rights, has perfume called Evil and proceeds go to PETA.
Richard Pryor ; comedian -- On the UniverSoul circus:: "The eyes of these dispirited animals say best what is difficult to convey in words."
George Putnam
Katey Sagal ; Married...with Children
Jerry Seinfeld , comedian, an outspoken vegetarian who won't let people eat meat in front of him.
Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin : On "Hard Copy" September 22, 1994 against cruelty to farm animals.
Mark McGwire --donates time and money
Mary Tyler Moore , Bernadette Peters
Mary Tyler Moore speaks out in video showing the abuse of marines to produce the drug Premarin.
Mickey Rooney --lends support against "crush" videos.
Julie Brown; MTV --
The late Diana, Princess of Wales, and Fergie, Dutchess of York -- spoke out in favor of a European ban on animal tests for cosmetics.
Mike Farrell , actor
Jennie Garth ; Beverly Hills 90210--appeared in a PETA ad urging people to forgo animal flesh.
Sara Gilbert ; actress on Roseanne
Dick Gregory ; comedian -- "Don't support the enslavement of any living being -- boycott circuses that hold elephants captive."
Rich Hall ; comedian
Sheryl Lee --Many ad campaigns for PETA including "I'd rather be dead than wear fur"
Candice Bergen : "I only wear furs in films if I am playing a role and I want to give the impression of someone who is immensely narcissistic and self-involved and shallow."

Vegetarians and vegans

Anthony Perkins (Movie star)
Brad Pitt (Movie star)
Brooke Shields (Movie & T.V. Star)
Christie Brinkley (model)
Daniel Johns (Australian rockband Silverchair)
David Duchovny (The X-Files)
Daryl Hannah (movie star, "Splash")
Dustin Hoffman (mega-star, movies)
Jonathan Taylor Thomas (Movie & T.V. Star (Home Improvement))
Larry Hagman (Dallas)
Leonard Nimoy (plays Spock on Star Trek)
Lisa Bonet (The Cosby Show)
Michael J. Fox (Movie & T.V. Star)
Peter Cushing
Rosanna Arquette
Richard Gere (Movie star)
Supermodels who refuse to wear fur: Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista, and Tyra Banks.
Ted Danson (Sam in Cheers)
Vanessa Warwick (MTV VJ)
Woody Harrelson (Movie & T.V. Star) (Vegan)
Ricki Lake (TV talk show)


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