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Sarah Jane
August, 2005

Chicks Agree. Please Boycott KFC.

Sarah Jane out of her shell


IT'S been a good two years since we've heard anything from Melbourne party girl Sarah Jane, who had the dubious claim of being the world's most downloaded woman.

The record didn't last long, but Sarah Jane became an integral part of Melbourne's culture, turning up to the opening of an envelope.

Well, to The Eye's shock, she has resurfaced. You can't keep a good party girl down for long.

Sarah Jane is the star of a campaign by animal rights group PETA that will target Hong Kong.

The campaign, which will also feature on the internet, will be launched with 20,000 postcards distributed around Hong Kong.

The PETA ad shows Sarah Jane with two chickens rescued from a broiler shed and who live in a sanctuary in Victoria.

"I hope that, no matter how you feel about eating meat, you will agree with me that animals raised for food should not be grossly mistreated," Sarah Jane said on her website.

"Chickens raised for meat are commonly crammed by the tens of thousands into filthy warehouses with no access to fresh air or sunlight."

Sarah Jane last sparkled on the Melbourne social scene two years ago at the Spring Racing Carnival, wearing racing outfits that most wouldn't.

Let's hope she does something this year to brighten up the carnival again.

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