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Rats Are People Too
rats are people too!
Posted by Alicia Silverstone on Aug 24, 2010


I recently got to play with these adorable rats on the set of Vamps! I know that they are not people in the sense that they are not of our species...but they are super cute and they are such fascinating little creatures. I love that they have five fingers like ours - five fingers on their hind legs and four on the front. They are so sweet when they lick and clean themselves! They deserve respect and should not be harmed.

The blog Vegan Peace provides some great introductory information about different species of rats and how their communities work. They are very social creatures who have important lives to lead. We should let them do that.

If you'd like to see the rest of my pictures with the rats on the set of Vamps, you can go here!

Wow wonderful pictures! I kept rats for a few years, they have great personalities, just like little dogs! They are also a great way to get rid of leftover food as they love everything. It is a shame they have such a short lifespan as its hard to let go of anyone furry and cute xxx

I love this! I had pet rats about 10 years ago (2 different ones at 2 different times), and I found them to be SO smart, affectionately, and wonderful. You can train them as you would dogs, and they will respond! Mine would come when I called them, hang out on my shoulder while I cooked, travel to the coffee house with me, and snuggle around my neck just happy to be with a human buddy. I can't say enough good things about them! Here's wishing all rats peace and harm-free lives.

I love rats!! I rescued one that might have been snake food (I know they need to eat, too, but the snake wasn't interested in the baby rat he was given). My friend asked if I'd take him. I held out my hand for him, and he ran up my arm, sat on my shoulder, and stuck his cute little nose in my ear... it was so ticklish and made me laugh. 

I was a college freshman at the time and had a promotional poster of Ferris Bueller's Day off on the wall above my bed. I put the baby rat on my bed, he ran up my pillows and sniffed the word, "FERRIS"... hehe... Guess what I named him?? That's right, Ferris! He was the greatest rat. He loved to eat peas.. he'd throw the skins aside and eat the centers. It was so much fun watching him eat. 

My dad thought I was so strange but ended up falling in love with little Ferris... my dad subsequently had about a dozen pet rats after that. 

A friend of mine calls rats "little heartaches"... The one terrible thing about them is that they don't live very long. They are so smart and affectionate and make super companions.. but it's so sad to only have 2 or 3 years with them. 


To anyone who thinks that rats are gross... before my first experience with the one I rescued, perhaps I thought the same thing. My dad also thought they were gross and thought I was an absolute freak  until I went away to the beach for a week and asked if he'd feed Ferris and give him some attention. I came home, and my dad was calling himself "grandpa" to my pet rat. THAT is how misunderstood these animals are... My dad fell in love with Ferris after realizing how smart and social and sweet he was. 

I think the thing that grosses people out about rats are their tails... but I love their tails!! hehe

I heard this story on NPR awhile ago... Rats laugh when you tickle them!! :D

I LOVE rats!  They are my absolute favorite animal.  I have two female pet rats right now and they are the furry little lights of my life :)

Starflower - Your rats names make me smile!!!  I'm a Buffy fan too :)

My rats are named Sookie Stackhouse and Alice Cullen, so their names are vampire inspired as well.

I love rats!! I've taken care of many as pets...they are so great. Sweet, and friendly, and curious....Mine have since passed away and I miss them immensely! 

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