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Charo Mart�n, Baila, no torees!
Charo Mart�n, bailarina y guitarrista espa�ola inicia su campa�a antitaurina BAILA, NO TOREES! 
Adopt� a Manolo, un torito a quien se llev� a vivir a Beverly Hills con ella... una verdadera artista a favor del arte y no de la matanza legal y hasta loada por quienes han perdido el contacto con la evoluci�n. Pam Anderson se le unir� en un video pr�ximamente. En hora buena! 

Check out Pamela Anderson who is currently in Dancing with The Stars!

In part 3 her new dance which is called 'Dance Don't Bullfight'.................You can see during her dancing routine that she is putting a hell of allot into this performance and above all it is safe to say with Pamela Anderson she is re-defining what a celebrity can do for a cause and will this Friday launch a Vegan milkshake in Hollywood.

John Carmody

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