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Before Richard Pryor's passing, his wife, Jennifer Pryor, established Pryor's Planet on behalf of their mutual love of animals. It is a legacy that continues to make a difference today.

"The turning point for us was in 1979 when Richard and I went to Africa on a safari and saw all of the beautiful animals in their natural habitat. It was an enlightening experience and we embraced the cause of animals. Richard always talked about animals in his act," Jennifer Pyror explained.

"Our goal is to educate, enlighten and give a recognition to the plight of animals so the community can help stop abuse and injustices against animals. We network, research and provide a wealth of information through . I also do hands on rescue and currently have thirty dogs that need homes. The work has only started, there's so much more to do and we all need to work together.

Both rescue groups and the community need to join forces, but sadly, no one at the top seems to care. The system is seriously corrupt." While Pryor is hopeful about the rescue and education effort, she is also a realist who doesn't mince words. In fact, she wrote a fearless letter to Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, which is posted on . In reading the letter you quickly realize that Pryor's voice soars on behalf of animal rights.


Beyond education, responsibility is at the forefront of the animal rescue efforts.

"We need responsible pet owners and responsible government and laws with teeth, such as spay-neuter and animal cruelty. Education and responsibility go hand-in-hand. I'm all for liberators to rescue animals who are abused. I want people to become more involved, developing a compassion and love of those who don't have a voice. And ultimately this is for our own higher good! We all need to use our voices," Pryor added. "I am proud to use my voice on behalf of the animals."

For more information on animal rescues, adoption, donations and volunteer opportunities visit .


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