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Interview with Christophe Marie, Spokesman of the Foundation Brigitte Bardot

EVANA Interview with Christophe Marie, Spokesman of the Foundation Brigitte
Bardot (FBB)

'I find it unbearable to be forced to finance meat propaganda or subsidies for farmers'

After Brigitte Bardot had complained about the dishonest publicity of a pro-meat campaign almost completely financed by the Ministry of Agriculture, the Jury de D'ontologie Publicitaire (Jury of Ethics in Advertising) ordered two spots to be withdrawn. We asked Christophe Marie, spokesperson of the Fondation Brigitte Bardot (FBB), to tell us more about this remarkable victory in particular and his work in general.

March 2011

EVANA: First of all, congratulations on the FBB's victory against the meat promotion campaign 'Soyons Fermes' by the French Meat Information Centre (Centre d'Information des Viandes/CIV)), which wanted to flaunt 'ecological benefits' of animal husbandry! However, whilst the fact that two spots will have to be withdrawn can be seen as a very important signal, it is probably realistic to expect that French taxpayers will have to continue financing massive pro-meat advertising programmes also in future?

Christophe Marie: It really is a major victory because it's never easy to win against the meat industry and the Ministry of Agriculture. That said, there are still misleading messages being disseminated, trying to induce the public to eat rabbit, horsemeat, and dairy products. In their latest campaign, the French Meat Information Centre has really gone overboard with irresponsible claims and disinformation in their desire to convince people that pigs in France are raised on old-fashioned 'family farms' and that raising cows is good for the environment. To spread such absurdities, they really must think that consumers are stupid. And what's even more shocking, the spots are paid for by the Ministry of Agriculture'in other words, by our taxes. Moreover, I don't know where the Ministry finds the money to pay for this propaganda, since at the same time their veterinary services agency is cutting back on oversight of farms and slaughterhouses due to budget shortages.

Have there already been any serious political initiatives to control factory farms and their impacts on the environment, especially in Brittany?

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