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Permanent Changes or Just Trends?

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-Ethical Vegans and Stars-

Seeing a World known Star doing the Animal Rights Activism is nothing new.

Images of beautiful and sexy Brigitte Bardot (back in those days) are one of most memorable moments for ARA Veterans' she was so pure in her Activism -- and she inspired many to speak out for Animals'

BB in actions for baby Seals: Her early days actions will be remembered as inspiring moments for activists of those times.

These days, many stars are labeled as Vegans- but are they implementing their "beliefs" in their everyday life and work (and by that are "spreading a word" ) or just being "trendy"?

Current Examples.

~Ellen Degeneres is Ethical Vegan.~

"The Daily 10" (show on E TV) started with part of an interview with Ellen Degeneres making a point about Veganism. In that short clip she stated that Portia and her are Vegans because they saw the suffering of Animals and they see it as unnecessary (that explains that they are Vegans from ethical reasons).   Ellen said that they would not be pushy to implement "their beliefs" on others - but she can't hide the fact that she would love to see everyone doing same-by opening their eyes.

Ellen would be happy to see everyone becoming vegan...

P.S. Ellen is now planning a "Stars Party for Furry Friends"-  Notes:
Ellen DeGeneres info: After exchanging Neil Lane rings, the couple and their guests sat down for an ALL-VEGAN menu prepared by their personal chef David Silberkleit while Sweet Lady Jane created a VEGAN red velvet cake for the celebration...

From the news:,,20220057,00.html 

*You can send Your electronic comments/support notes- To Ellen:
Or write to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, P.O. Box 7788, Burbank, CA 91523.

~Pamela Anderson will sell herself to stop ANIMAL TESTING~

In her new TV Show ( "girl on the loose" also on E TV) clearly is showed  that this Star is using her popularity to make influence on others'
Pam's statements were going from simple question like:
"Who do I have to sleep with to get this Animal testing to a stop??" to conclusions like: "two things I like most are Animal Rights and Sex"'

Very "out-there" and "outspoken" Pam was showing what she thinks so passionately - to the point where she was exploding for seeing Seal skin stretched over a seat of the chair -- then she pushed down that chair, refusing to sit on it.

Pam is asking Who do She have to "do" to get this Animal testing to a stop? (lol)

In previous episode Pam held an "garage sale" as she is about to move to a new house, and everything she had in this old house- was put out to "yard sale" .. People bought it ALL! And all money was donated to PETA..

While Pam was on her "yard sale" - her son was holding a lemonade stance- volunteering for some near wildlife organization- rehab. center which was ensuring the safe return of Animals back to their nature wild life habitat..

If anyone had their little doubts in " Pam's good side" this show is grate opportunity to see how her sexuality can be used in good manners' as she is constantly "preaching" about Animal rights. Several nice clips could be seen where she, her son and her dogs are fooling around on the beach and making the "sand angels" - her dog Yoyo did made his "sand angel" too (after seeing her and Dylan doing it), Pam was happy to show that dogs understand humans' ( A memorable moment- left me with pleasant feeling' )

BB- her memorable pose -(it's not known if BB is a vegan... but it's known that she is a vegetarian. )

Pamela also brought back the memories on Brigitte Bardot's work in ARA, mentioning that Brigitte was one of her inspirations, while ARA veteran Brigitte send her love and support back to Pam.

Pam: "best things are Animal Rights and Sex"

By browsing trough Pamela's official web page what caught my attention was the opening statement in form of famous quote made by Ralph Waldo Emerson: "You have just dined, and however scrupulously the slaughterhouse is concealed in the graceful distance of miles, there is complicity."
and other similar quotes which follows You throughout her entire web site.

Pam's Show Info: "Girl on the loose" :

Brigitte Bardot's Foundation:

Pam's press: Pamela on Ellen:

"Stars in Action" are coming; the trend of Animal Rescuers is spreading like heat wave- Can they stand the heat and keep on pushing- or they will melt down before we even got to congratulate them? Animal Activism in "high society" -- "what a wonderful world "'

Take care of others, bring back happiness!

~*JeZa* ~AA/AR~>koordinator Vegan Svetske Mre'e-za Srbiju=


 ~4 the Animals, 4 the Value Of the Beating Heart!~,

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