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Barbi Twins Lobby to Stop Crush Videos
Shane and Sia Barbi are pictured. | Courtesy Shane and Sia Barbi
Add one more animal issue to the list of pet causes for Playboy models Shane and Sia Barbi. | Courtesy Shane and Sia Barbi Close
By PATRICK GAVIN | 11/17/10 3:14 PM EST Updated: 11/17/10 3:15 PM EST

Regular CLICK readers know that the Barbi twins - one-time Playboy models Shane and Sia Barbi - have long advocated against horse slaughter.

Add one more animal issue to their list of, er, pet causes: so-called crush videos.

"We are lobbying for the bill HR5566 to pass, so crush videos can be banned as obscenity!!" they write in an e-mail. "We are urging all our representatives especially Tom Coburn to pass it, and flooding his office, phones and facebook with pleas to pass it. Crush videos are basically snuff-fetish films of puppies and kittens slowly being tortured to death by stepping on them or crushing them slowly. It was made legal lately by groups like the ACLU claiming it's freedom of speech. However, when countries like Korea forbids animal torture, it makes Americans appear as if we approve of torture by NOT passing HR5566."

In April, the Supreme Court struck down a law banning crush videos, on First Amendment grounds.

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