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Anneka Svenska

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Wildlife Presenter and Environmentalist


Anneka Svenska dives the Maldives to help raise awareness about the damage which is being inflicted upon our oceans

Anneka, a keen diver, marine fish and invertebrate enthusiast invited photographers on a dive with her this May to show how holiday makers can so easily damage the oceans with careless diving habits, such as kicking and removing corals. Also how dumping waste into the oceans is poisoning our fish.

Sadly if Global Warming carries on the way it is going, it is predicted that the Maldives will be under water by 2050.

Anneka appeared in the Steve Irwin documentary: 'Steve Irwin: A Tribute to the Crocodile Hunter' 

screened on ITV December 30th, which praised the life of the great Crocodile Hunter himself.

'The World has lost one of the great reality stars of Wildlife TV' ' Anneka


Anneka Svenska judges the Pup Idol Competition alongside a fantastic panel of doggie experts at The Wag and Bone Show.
Filmed by Channel 4's 'It's the Dog or me' & 'E4' 

Also read Anneka's article on WOLVES in 
'Dog's Today' Magazine
By Clicking the Magazine Cover below



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