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The Most Miserable Vegan

In less than 20 days, it will be Christmas Day, and I've already bought my movie ticket to see Les Miserables, the Victor Hugo-turned Broadway play turned Hollywood Musical that in advance of its release is causing so much "buzz".

Actress Anne Hathaway was a very fit vegan before beginning the filming, but in order to get into shape for the role of Fantine, the heroine dying of tuberculosis, she lost 25 pounds by torturing herself with an appropriately miserable diet of just a few daily thin squares of dried oatmeal paste.

Yesterday (December 4, 2012), Hathaway told Access Hollywood how she gained back her lost weight after the filming ended by eating this daily diet:

"I had spelt pasta with garlic oil and like a lot of beautiful fresh tomatoes and then I had a twice baked potatoes, with basil sun-dried tomatoes and oil. It was so good!"

It was reported that her co-star, Russell Crowe (who played obsessed police Inspector Javert) purchased a "huge vegan chocolate cake" for the post-filming cast party.

I get goose bumps and pre-teary just watching the movie trailer, and wonder who might finish second to Anne Hathaway on Oscar day:

Robert Cohen

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