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Alli Simpson Video Asking Teens to Join "The Hunt" to Address Animal Welfare

Last week, the largest organization for teens and social change, along with Bing and Lenovo, kicked off '"The Hunt: 11 Days of Doing.'" This campaign uses cellphones to deliver daily challenges to teens so they can better their local communities. just released today's secret mission, focusing on animal welfare, along with a video shout out from Alli Simpson, teen model and sister of teen singing sensation, Cody Simpson. Alli encourages people to '"get up and do something'" by helping animals in their neighborhood (video link below). Today's challenges include going vegetarian for the day, donating three household items to a local animal shelter and sharing animal homelessness statistics on Facebook.

It would be great if you could share the video with your readers and encourage them to support Alli's cause and get involved in The Hunt. Participants receive awesome prizes like scholarships, Lenovo Ultrabooks and a trip to the 2012 Do Something Awards in LA. See below release for more information.

Alli Simpson's video encouraging participation in, Bing and Lenovo's '"The Hunt: 11 Days of Doing'": 

Sign up for the campaign at  or text �HUNT' to 38383.

Please let me know if you're able to post on your site or via Facebook/Twitter. I can also share statistics tomorrow about how many teens took action to help animals in their communities as a result of today's challenges (I can share specific stories of how they helped and put you in touch with local participants as well). I appreciate your help in drawing attention to this important cause, and I'm happy to answer any questions you might have!



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