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Alicia Silverstone on Being Happy, Healthy, and Saving the Planet

[University of Central Florida]

Actress and environmental activist Alicia Silverstone discussed her journey and lifestyle as a vegan and explained how nutritional choices affect the planet to an audience of more than 700 people at the University of Central Florida Thursday.

Silverstone, who is also the author of 'The Kind Diet: A Simple Guide to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Saving the Planet,' noted the many benefits that can be gained from a plant-based diet during her presentation, which was part of the UCF General Education Program Unifying Theme: 'The Environment and Global Climate Change.' The program was organized by the UCF Global Perspectives Office.

Silverstone began by stating that, although she was 'raised on meat and loved the taste,' she decided to try vegetarianism when she was 8 years old. However, because of her young age and the absence of a support system, she was back to her normal diet within a month or two. 'I didn't want to hurt animals, but I was in total denial that my actions were hurting them,' she said.

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