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Inductees to the Animal Liberation Hall of Fame*

Animal Liberation Front
AR Hall of Fame

Well known animal activist Snehal Bhatt died
RIP Nancy Phipps
Norm Phelps  Norm Phelps, Spiritual Mentor to the AR Movement
A Tribute to Mike Hill
Rita Miljo
Farley Mowat: 1921 - 2014 We have lost a hero
In The Words of Farley Mowat
8 Ways "Simpsons" Co-Creator Sam Simon is Helping Animals Before He Dies
RIP Animal Liberation Warrior Eldon Brown
Anna Merz, Rhino Guardian and Champion

Karen Davis   Altoona native pursues poultry advocacy

Pat Derby, PAWS President
Thomas Ponce
Marti Kheel
R.I.P. Tony Moore (Fight Against Animal Cruelty Campaigner 'FAACE') Southport

Dr. Neil Barnard - PCRM

Dr. Carole Noon
The Shining World Compassion Award: Shannon Keith - Animal Attorney and Award-Winning Documentary Film Director

Ursula Bates

Hilda Friedstein
Betty White
Walter Rave - Walt Rave Appreciation

Dr. Armaiti May

Jason Miller

Mrs. T. Boone Pickens

Heather Mills; Interview '09; Will Take Fish Shop Vegan; Burger King

AR 2008 Conference Nominees

Roger Troen

Stella Marsden

Kay Simpson - Warm Heart in Arkansas

Sarah Kramer - Vegan food writer

Erica Meier - Compassion Over Killing

Alan & Brenda Rankin

Enid Feinberg and Lierra Lenhard Protect Deer

Mary Britton Clouse Rescues Chickens

Patty Mark Has Dedicated Her Life to Saving Abused Animals

Paul Watson - Interview April 2011
Paul Watson interviewed by Jason Miller
Captain Paul Watson  -  Green Pirate  -  Criminal
How Can a Sinking Feeling Be So Elevating?
If Compassion is a Crime, Captain Paul Watson is Guilty as Sin

Don Watson   Don Watson Obituary

Mark Twain

Brigitte Bardot; Bardot 2

Dietrich von Haugwitz

Bruce Friedrich

Grechen Wyler  Wyler 2

J Norris

Richard Pryor; PETA; RPryor

Laura Moretti

Henry Spira

RM Hare

Karen Davis

Peter Wollen

Peggy Hauptman

Dan Piraro  Piraro 2

Peter Singer; March 09; What Happened to Peter Singer?

Robert Cohen

Pamela Anderson

Bob Barker ; Barker, more; Barker Saves Pigeons;
 Bob Barker Receives Academic Honour
Bob Barker Tells Rockville to Save the Deer
Bob Barker opens new area at Chimp Haven
Bob Barker donates $250,000 to Fort Pierce Save the Chimps sanctuary

Peter Roberts

Gary Yourofsky

Steven Best; UTEP professor Steve Best

Cleveland Amory

In Remembrance of Jill Phipps - Anniversary of the Death of Jill Phipps

Tribute to Virgil Butler

Wayne Pacelle; AG meeting

Treva Slote

Sgt. Carri Lucas

Steven Seagal

Barry Horne

Hans Ruesch  Hans Ruesch-2
Marie Atake
Linda Howard
Cole McFarland
J. R. (Regina) Hyland
Paul McCartney
RIP: Bob Chorush
Tom Regan: A Celebration

Birdman of Long Beach - index

Memorial held for Kimberly Blackwell slain in Costa Rica
Anthony Marr activist no stranger to confrontation
Terri Eather
Former Dancer and Philanthropist Killed Trying To Save Injured Animal
Rita Sarnicola
Lauralee Blanchard
Peter Young: Three Recent Interviews

*Disclaimer: The inductions of the above individuals do not imply in any way that these individuals have ever supported the Animal Liberation Front.



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