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Animal Liberation Hall of Fame Selection Criteria

Inductees possess some or all of the following traits or qualifications:

      1. Pioneer, ahead of their time.
          (E.g., Leonardo DaVinci)

      2. Today's leaders.
          Works hard to save all creatures great and small.
          (E.g., Jerry Vlasak)

      3. Lifetime Achievement
          Significant achievements in the establishment of animal rights.
          Animal Benefit
          (E.g., Tina Nelson)

      4. Major Influence
          Public Awareness -- reaches masses with message -- 50%
          Gives a strong animal rights message -- 25%
          Gives a consistent animal rights message -- 25%
          Typically someone famous in the arts, entertainment, sports, or politics.
          (E.g., Paul McCartney, Linda Blair, Alicia Silverstone)


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