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Heather Mills Donates $1-Million in Soy Burgers to Poor in Bronx

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Sep 20, 6:37 AM EDT

McCartney's ex donating $1M in vegan food to Bronx

NEW YORK (AP) -- Paul McCartney's ex-wife is donating $1 million worth of soy hamburgers, soy hot dogs and soy chicken cutlets to one of the poorest neighborhoods in the Bronx.

Heather Mills is set to announce the donation just before the Hunts Point Back to School Fair kicks off Saturday afternoon. The vegan animal rights campaigner is an honorary chairwoman of the nonprofit that organizes the event.

She tells the New York Post that she wants to make sure children in the neighborhood "have as many nutritional advantages as anyone else."

Children in Hunts Point have some of the highest obesity and asthma rates in the city.

Mills and McCartney were granted a divorce earlier this year.


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