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Birdman - Starbucks Rescue

I rescued this sweet little guy on - 7/5/2012 - and he lost all his severely damaged toes but please do not feel sorry for him.

 I worked on him on 7/6/2012 and he is 99 percent healed already on 7/11/2012.

 It is absolutely mind boggling how fast they heal with Antibiotics and soaking there feet in a 50/50 solution of peroxide and water and the damaged tissue is removed. He now has a life pain free.

 I figure his toes had to of been tied for at least a couple of solid years of torture for them to get in that horrible condition with no one to help him.

 I am sitting here now soaking his feet and he looks so content and at peace and it melts my heart that I was able to take his pain away and give him his life back.

 I spotted him at Starbucks on 7/3/2012 and could have rescued him and felt so bad that I did not have my net with me. So I went back on 7/5/2012 about the same time in the afternoon that I had seen him around 4:30 p.m. and sure enough he showed up like a miracle and I rescued him in about five minutes.

 He was not the worst looking pigeon I ever rescued but surely in the top ten worst. And that is basically because he is the second pigeon ever to lose all his toes because they were damaged so severely.

Well on 7/10/2012 a lady brought me a beautiful small white dove that landed by her door and also brought me a nice cage. I first tried putting the dove in with my King White Pigeon so he would have a mate. I am sure by the way he responded this is a female dove but he was way to aggressive with her. So although the pigeon without toes could be released life still would not be that easy for him being handicapped.

 So I thought well this poor little sweetheart suffered for years being tortured. So I decided to put him and the beautiful little dove together and hope they fall in love. After all the agony he has been through he deserves some love in his life and they are getting along just great.

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