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Birdman - Special White Dove

I received a e-mail yesterday from a woman named Kat that lives in Bellflower. I had met her from one of the stories published on my rescue work in care2 awhile back. She told me about a white bird in her yard that could not fly and it had been there at least four days. Only God knows why she waited four days to contact me considering she had my e-mail address and she knew the bird could not fly.

 So I met her to pick up the bird yesterday and it was a very pretty small domesticated white Dove with both of its wings cut and that is why it could not fly. The only reason the Dove got sick was because it was left outside for four days and night's that I know of and maybe longer. By the time she got the Dove to me it already had its feathers fluffed up ( a sign of being ill ) which was so sad because she is exactly like the one I have here that does not have a companion.

 When I was hand feeding her this afternoon the most beautiful spiritual thing happened between us. I took my index finger and stroked her head very lightly and she put her head back in pure delight with the little strength she had left. So I stroked her head over and over lightly and said to her that I know you are so content and at peace right now, and I know that you feel loved and that you will choose to let go now and go to heaven and she never opened her eyes again.

 That was eleven hours and about 10,000 tears ago because she really crushed my heart. I try to tell myself to be happy for them that they are at peace and that they are in heaven now in God's protective hands so God Bless you sweet Angel. I released three pigeons today I rescued at Walmart a few days ago that I untied there toes. I will be writing another story soon about being abused at Walmart for the second time trying to rescue pigeons there since 3/31/2012. Also a couple days ago a older couple that lives in San Gabriel Valley that has been together 45 years did there first rescue together.

 Last Saturday a banded racing pigeon ended up with in there front yard with a broken leg & wing. They found me on the internet and brought me the pigeon all the way from San Gabriel Valley and even gave me a $50.00 donation. Then a friend of mine Andy Benavente of Los Angelos that used to rescue hundred's of Ducks for a few years at Eldorado Park in Long Beach Ca. that were tied with fishing line etc. ordered me 400 lbs. of bird seed on sale from Ace Hardware that I can pick up tomorrow.

Finally after all these years I am getting a little help including a few donations to my Paypal account through my e-mail address. It is so nice to have a little relief now and also to have a few animal loving friends. They make the best friends in the world because they learned about love, honesty, loyalty and friendship from animals and got it right.

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