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Birdman - Lucky Pigeon on Pine


Animal Control called and left me two messages and said that there was at least seven pigeons that could not fly behind the liquor store on Anaheim & Cherry. I had rescued so many pigeons in that parking lot through the years and one pigeon on the opposite corner at Bank of America that was wedged in the side of there small billboard that it fell behind in there parking lot. There is a little ledge about a foot from the ground behind the bushes under the billboard and I check there fairly often for injured pigeons. When they get a injured wing they usually go stand on that ledge.

One day I found two pigeons at one time standing on that ledge with injured wings. There is a new Animal Control Manager named Ted Stevens and he made sure everyone on his staff has my phone number and he seems like the most caring man in the world. I still do not understand exactly why the Animal Control officer took two pigeons from the corner with him and left the others because I was assuming they were poisoned.

I think when they originally called me and left the messages they did not know I do not have a car and probably thought I could round the pigeons easier than they could. So I had carriers in a backpack on wheels. I had carriers in a shoulder Ikea bag and two small plastic carriers in a top value bag with handles and took a bus there thinking I was bringing a minimum of seven pigeons home.

So I walked about a half mile to the bus stop and went there and I could not find one pigeon and only god knows what happened to them. I tried to save them and not under the best of circumstances so in my heart I know I did the best I could.

So I took the Anaheim bus that stops across from McDonald's downtown and went for coffee. This little woman in her 70's who has sent me over to rescue pigeons on Pine a few times. She said there was two pigeons that go across from Starbucks on 3rd. & Pine almost everyday around 5:30 p.m. and both had pretty bad tied feet.

So I was hoping something good could come from my failed trip to rescue the pigeons on Anaheim so I went over to 3rd. & Pine around 5:30 p.m. And sure enough within 10 minutes I was feeding both the pigeons she told me about. And within about ten minutes I rescued the pigeon that had the worst looking feet. One foot had hair growing right out of a toe that was half missing on one foot. And his other foot was tied but the real danger for him was that his leg was tied and it had turned white and was deteriorating. I was able to untie him and dig the white caulk like stuff out of the wounds and soak his leg and put medicine on it.

I wrapped it and started him on antibiotics and if I had not rescued him when I did his whole leg would of snapped off in the near future. So sometimes it is amazing how a day that starts out bad can turn into such a blessing.

I did not have all the major rescues that I thought I was going to have when the day started. But I saved this guys whole leg and foot and ended his suffering so it turned out to be quite a beautiful day. If Animal Control had not had me go look for the injured pigeons to begin with I would not have found this sweet little pigeon that needed help desperately.

At the outside table next to where I rescued this little guy there was three men around my age and a woman. First the smart ass says something stupid like he has a knife and I ignored him. But then the idiot said something about putting the pigeon in a microwave.

And I said I will put your stupid ass in a microwave. I said pigeons were decorated war heroes and I know you were not one. Anyway I shut him up quickly thinking he could get away with being disrespectful to me when I am out there trying so hard to save a life.

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