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Birdman - A Pigeon Named Hope


At McDonalds there was a pigeon standing there in the corner all alone. When I took him home to examine him I found out he had two puncture wounds from a Hawk attack. One puncture wound was on his wing and the other puncture wound was below his crop.

 When a pigeon is attacked by a Hawk it is in God's hands because there is no way of telling how much internal damage was done when the claws penetrated the body and quite often they will die overnight. Without Antibiotics most pigeons will die from infection if there body was penetrated by the claws. It appeared that one of the Hawks claws went into the crop and for two solid days the pigeon threw up more than I ever seen a pigeon throw up in nine years.

I had to make a decision and decided the next morning to take him to go see Christina who helps me from Southbay Wildlife and I was going to have him put down because I could not stand to see him suffer anymore. When I got up the next morning it was a true miracle because for the first time since I brought him home his crop was full of seed from eating and he stopped throwing up. I know a crop can heal if it is not damaged to bad but as sick as this little guy was I did not think he had a chance and now there was hope. So that is how he got his name Hope.

After about a week I started putting him in the bathroom with two other pigeons to see if he could fly. But for about four days he could only fly to the tub and I was convinced he would be permanently disabled from the injury to his wing. Then one day about 5 days ago I seen him staring really hard at the two pigeons way up on the little window above the bathtub and I was thinking to myself is he going to try it. And then he shot straight up and made it to the window. I was never so happy in my life because now he was not going to be disabled. Talk about a pigeon making a full recovery against all odds like he did was truly a miracle. He has been in the bathroom flying everyday for a few hours and he has regained all his flying strength and he will be able to be released within the next week.

Birdman of long beach - 12/5/2012 - It took one of my outside cats to prove to me that Hope really does have nine lives. I put my patients in the bathroom a few hours everyday and let them fly in there to get there flying strength back. It gets them ready for release so they can go back to where they live and hopefully find there lifetime mate since they mate for life. I decided since the rains finally stopped that today would be a perfect day to release Hope. I always take the pigeons on the side of the building here by the laundry room where it is private and release them. I give them about 10 cc's of water so they will not get dehydrated and throw them up in the air as high as I can. Sometimes they leave the area 100 mph. and sometimes they go land on the neighbors roof and sit there for a half hour getting there thoughts together. So it was time to release hope and I gave her a kiss on the head and threw her upwards. But for some reason she went to the second floor balcony and landed and it is just possible she did not want to leave me. There has been many times that after I worked on pigeons I would fling my hands forward to release them and they would stay right there and refuse to leave and a couple times they even flew back and laid on my chest. Anyway to my disbelieve within a few seconds of releasing Hope one of my beautiful outside cats I have taken care of for over three years comes running down from the second floor with Hope in her mouth. OMG you can not imagine the fear that swept over me. So she is running towards the laundry room with Hope in her mouth and jumps up on this wall going to the next yard that is about 4 feet high. There is a screen missing at the bottom of the neighbors house going underneath and that is where she was going to take Hope and kill her. There is some metal bars above the 4 foot wall and as she was going through the bars towards the opening under the neighbors house I was able to slap her butt and Hope broke free and flew to the top of the two story building we live in ( OMG ) I waited about 5 minutes and finally Hope flew off and appeared to be okay. Hope is probably one of the few pigeons in the world to live through a hawk attack and a cat attack. I do not know how many people reading this believe in Guardian Angels. But I have a little statue hanging here in my doorway of my Guardian Angel for years. It may seem silly but before I release each patient I get the statue in my hands that also has a little wood fish symbol with Jesus attached on a little chain and we do a group hug and I wish them a safe journey and a wonderful safe happy life. And it appears to me that Hope had a Guardian Angel today for sure. From now on I will take the pigeons ready for release a block away and release them by the church where there are no cats around. I have never seen any cats around here hurt a bird so I had no way of knowing this could happen :NOTE: if anyone finds a injured pigeon around the Long Beach Ca. area please contact me - - I have rescued over 3,000 pigeons in nine years off the street and doctored them. If anyone cares to make a donation to help with my bird rescue you can do so by using my e-mail address on PayPal.

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