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Animal Liberation Hall of Fame

The Animal Liberation Front's
Animal Liberation
Hall of Fame

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We agree with Chris DeRose, of Last Chance for Animals, who said, with regard to a Hall of Fame, "That's not what I'm in it for. I'm here to fight for animals and the same people offering these awards are pathetic. They are pathetic because they take their own awards that they, themselves, created. Questioning these things is the first step."

This Hall of Fame is low on pomp and circumstance. And nobody who we know will be qualified until they die.

Pioneers Today's Leaders Lifetime Achievement Major Influence
Cleveland Amory Wayne Pacelle Treva Slote Barry Horne
Don Watson Gary Yourofsky B. Bardot Richard Pryor
Henry Spira Steven Best G. Wyler Dan Piraro
  Bruce Friedrich Paul F. Watson Jill Phipps
    Bob Barker Pam Anderson


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