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Vegan Cosmetics Launched

16/03/2007 - One of the first 100 per cent vegan cosmetic ranges has been launched in Europe and the US, capitlising on the ever-increasing consumer desire for products that are eco-friendly and that join the on-going fight against animal testing in cosmetics.
The company actively promotes the use of natural ingredients that are tested on human volunteers instead of on the more un-willing participants, animals. In line with this, the range also steers clear of using any animal body part or by-products in any of its products.

With consumers growing increasingly environmentally aware, there has been an influx of cosmetic products pandering to the 'organic and natural' cosmetics trend.

However, many manufacturers are still using animals as a means of testing the efficacy and dermatological safety aspects of the cosmetic formulations, despite the natural ingredients in the products.
An increased need for animal testing following the revised Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of chemicals (REACH) proposals regulating the use of chemicals throughout the bloc has caused many environmentalists to object to the costly process.

EU governments and legislators agreed late last year on proposals regulating the use of chemicals throughout the bloc, moving the legislation a giant step forward toward implementation.

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