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Vegan Business Directory

A Spotlight on Vegan Companies and Business

Here, united in one space, M. 'Butterflies' Katz will shine a spotlight on those companies that have merged their ethics with bringing in a livelihood. She researched and wrote this directory in order to get more public support for these businesses, for the above-mentioned reason, but also so that all of us can feel the heart-warming truth that the vegan lifestyle is spreading. She will travel throughout the United States in our search of vegan companies and businesses, going beyond U.S. borders for that titillating feeling that veganism is branching out all over the planet. Perhaps hearing other people's stories will inspire the birth of more vegan businesses.

M. 'Butterflies' Katz sent out a questionnaire to hundreds of vegan companies and businesses that she searched for on-line. As she read the questionnaires when they came in, she knew this directory would be more interesting than she had even anticipated. Pulling them together, from uniquely differing paths, but all achieving the same thing; A Vegan Business or Company, made for very interesting reading. There are vegan boutiques, several vegan donut bakers, vegan bakeries, a vegan camp, vegan chocolate companies, vegan retreats and B&B's and more.

She was pleasantly surprised to learn of so many vegan restaurants. However, most of the vegan restaurants did not reply. She knows (from being the chef of The Vegan Restaurant on Maui, Hawaii when owned and operated by Gentle World) that having a restaurant means long hours of work, leaving little time for filling out questionnaires.

There were companies that replied to her questions that produce mostly vegan products that, for one reason or another, deserve to be mentioned. These companies will be listed at the end. All the companies mentioned in this article did respond to her questions. So sit back, and read each individual company's story. Then, think of the 'Bigger Picture' and what it represents that all these companies are emerging!

From M.Butterflies Katz - After compiling this directory, I would have to say that the one thing all these people and companies have in common, is that they 'care'. They care about the sustainability of our planet and the cruelty shown to animals. They care about not profiting off people exploited in sweatshops in foreign countries. They care about helping people to a better and healthier life. They care about being socially responsible and leaving this world better than it's present conditions. Reading what these company or business owners had to say inspired me, as caring as I am, to care more about every little thing I purchase and do. I hope it will have the same effect on you! Support these caring companies and businesses and show that we care how our dollars are spent!

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