(PRLog.Org) -- Dec 20, 2007 --, the first vegetarian and vegan news sharing network, was launched today. VegBang is a veggie oriented clone of Digg, and was born as a response to the systematic link rejection suffered by vegetarians in that popular site.

VegBang started as a way to fight back the Internet gang called the Digg mafia (also known as the bury brigade), who blatantly bans every pro-vegetarianism submission to Digg. Being vegetarianism one of Digg's taboo topics, a couple of vegans joined together and decided to develop a whole new site to spread the news and links that were not allowed to share over the Digg network. That was VegBang's kick start. And after one month of succesful Alpha testing, VegBang now reached its Beta status.

Today, with hundreds of registered users and daily links submissions within categories such as Animal Rights, Environment, Events, Health, News and Recipes, VegBang is reaching its main goal: to provide the vegetarian and vegan community with the ultimate social framework for fresh news and substantial links sharing. Vegetarianism is exploding everywhere over the Internet (big media, weblogs, newsletters, forums) and the VegBang team hopes to ignite that vegetarian explosion.


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