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No Fur-- Section about fur and fur alternatives.
Anti-fur blog: By activist who has made flyers and posted them in public areas.
Leather -- Section about leather and leather alternatives.
Leather AltsCruelty Free -- These companies do NOT test on animals


Walmart is at the Bottom of the Corporate Heap on Animal Welfare - 3 / '13 - Soap, Cosmetics, and more from

"Consider the Lobster" - t-shirt:

vegan store in Seattle - Sidecar

"Cruelty-free" cosmetics: are you being tricked? April 2012

Foodservice Company Takes Stand on Animal Welfare - March 2012

Avon Fraudulently Claims No Vivisection - Feb 2012

New Web Portal For Cosmetic Products - Jan 2012

Superdrug Products are Animal Friendly - August 2011

New Vegan Restaurant in Manhattan - April 2011

Europe's first vegan supermarket open in Dortmund (Germany) - Cruelty free shopping guide

http://www.gocruelt companies. php?cat=43 - Companies approved under the Humane Cosmetics Standard (HCS) and/or the Humane Household Products Standard (HHPS). This means that they no longer conduct or commission animal testing for their cosmetics and/or household products.
Click here to see a Powerpoint presentation (Spanish) showing dangers of plastic bags

Printable guide to telling real fur from fake fur:

Printable fur labeling case report:

Printable list of fur-free companies:

First Of Its Kind: Vegan Wedding Website Launches Today - Feb 2011
Kill a man; Make a Wallet of His Skin - Feb 2011, Robert Cohen
The Urban Housewife Shares Girl's Guide to a Cruelty-Free Life - Nov 2010
The Skins Test - Anti-Cruelty Clothing Guide
T-shirts Protesting Caged Monkeys - EcoGear
I'm Tired Of ... Bracelets for Animal Rights Causes, Support AR Charities
Austin Tarrytown Shopping Center; Vegan Owner
Animal Rights Art by Larry Torro - June 2009. Thought-provoking. Important.
Animal rights artwork:
Vegan Business Directory - Feb 2008
Vegan World Travel - new website - Feb 2008
Natalie_Portman's Vegan_Shoe_Collection
Story of - 20 minutes and worth it. Very interesting. - vegetarian dining link
Watch "Boycott Proctor & Gamble" - video
ENAW/givingguide : charities that don't exploit animals while fighting hunger and helping people
NOHARM Synergises High Fashion and Ethical Consumerism
Pet Foods - Pet food brands in US & UK that do not support animal testing
Ruffhouzen Rescue - Cruelty-Free Fashions

AR stuff
Roots of compassion - AR art by Chris McCasland - AR art

Concrete Catwalk - The Question of Fur - Sad/Funny. February 2009
Horrific animal testing by Herbal Essences exposed - July 2008
Vegan Food List
Woman turns her beliefs into a business - Feb 08
Dog Meat in Los Angeles - November 2007
Plastic bag revolt spreads across Britain - June 2007
The Stylish Vegan - April 2007
Vegan Fashion is No Longer an Oxymoron - April 2007
Vegan Cosmetics Launched - March 2007
Should anti-vivisectionists boycott animal-tested medicines? - February 2007
Coming Clean About "Cruelty Free" - What does the label really mean?
Compassionate Living -- Human Choices, Humane Results.
15 Things You Should Never Buy Again - January 2007
Downbound Cruelty Free - January 2007
J. Lindeberg Goes Fur Free - January 2007
Heather Mills' Beauty Care Products - January 2007
Austin Vegan Mall - Texas
Vegan -- cruelty-free shopping tips.
Vegan products -- letter in response to criticism of McCartney.
AAVS Shop Video -- 2006. AAVS proudly presents: B. Mane Goes Shopping.
Freeganism -- What is a freegan?
Cruelty Logos -- Remember these logos, and then avoid them.
Red Cross -- Make a statement: No Animals, No Money.
March of Crimes -- 2 pages of info about the crimes of the March of Dimes
March of Crimes, 2007
March Dimes Walk - 2006.
Dimes Fact Sheet
Xmas -- Christmas without cruelty.
Whole Foods -- Support Whole Foods, as they are helping boycott Canadian Sea Food to stop the Seal Slaughter. More on Whole Foods, Nov 2005.
from Stella - shopping from Stella McCartney
Legal Seafoods -- U.S. wholesaler joins boycott over seal-pup hunt.
rodmanthink-72.pdf -- Dennis Rodman poster -- Think Ink, Not Mink.
Green Travel -- blog of suggestions
Clothing -- link to great synopsis of issues from

Mary's Secret Garden - Vegan Restaurant in Ventura, California
Suffolk Pub Bans Meat - Suffolk, UK

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