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2013 CRUELTY FREE & FUR USERS DIRECTORY: Anti-fur blog, November 2007
Sept 2006: Project Runway winner Jay McCarroll made a video against fur : fur_with_jay.wmv

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Biologist: "No one can convince me there won�t be [mink] survivors" - Oct 2013
Compassionate Stars - No Fur - September 2012
Warning: Faux Fur May Not Be So Faux - November 2011
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The Real Price of Fur - essay
Fur Free Fashion - September 2008
Anti-fur Society -- Jan. 2006. Link tp new web site.
Chinese Fur Trade -- Link to movies.
Interview.mp3 -- Tracey Protest Chinese fur trade cruelty.
Naked Not Fur -- Amsterdam The 5th of November 2005.
Wintour Fur Ad -- Oct 2005 PETA Advertisement.
Fur--dying -- Native Issues.
Fur Origin -- Number of animals it takes to make a coat.
McCartney -- Beatle wife says "Ban Fur". March 2005.
fur update -- Poll shows consumers prefer to shop fur-free. link to web site.
The true price of fur.pdf -- Leaflet in convenient printing format. From In Defense of Animals.
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Fur commercial (.wmv) with a happy ending
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Another being's nightmare of our making:

Skinned Alive - International Anti Fur Coalition

 J Lo's Fur Coats
The truth about fur, how J Ho get's her fur coats and what these animals go through.

A cold wind blows through the room and you shiver, wondering why you still notice the cold after being here for so long. You close your eyes and try to sleep, but your body is aching. Hoping for some relief you try and stretch only to find it doesn't help in your cramped quarters. You try once again to block out the noises, you can hear a few of the others pacing and occasionally someone throws themselves against a wall. You guess they are lonely, or scared. After what seems like hours you fall into a restless sleep. You are awakened when you hear your neighbor moaning in pain, he has been sick for days.

You have just had some insight into how an animal on a 'modern' fur farm feels. Some of the animals unfortunate enough to arrive end up living in conditions such as these for years before being brutally killed. Since maximum profit in minimum time is the goal of fur farmers housing and medical care often leave much to be desired.

There Is NO Excuse For Fur!

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