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Amsterdam The 5th of November 2005

Amsterdam The 5th of November 2005, we will come together at the Beursplein in the heart of Amsterdam, to protest for our animal friends imprisoned in cages at fur farms. These animals are born to die - gassed for their fur - and skinned. In the Netherlands alone at 200 mink farms 3.5 million mink are killed in the month November. We want a ban on mink farming and ethical shops with a no fur policy.

Shops in Amsterdam are selling a lot of rabbit fur because they claim "it's just a side product of the meat industry." This is not true, rabbits are specially bred for their fur at farms in China and France. We don't want animal prisoners and prisons. We don't want gassing, knifestabbing and electrocution. We want animal freedom, liberation for all creatures.

The 5th we will all be out there, for ALL THE ANIMALS. We will pass by shops who are selling fur, like the notorious Maison de Bonneterie, and we will show our strength and dedication. We will stop and cheer for shops who made the ethical decision to follow a no-fur policy like Zara and Mango and Inwear, just to mention a few.

This will be a special day for all the animal rights people in the Netherlands and supporters from abroad. We will make a difference and bring animal freedom!

LATEST NEWS; 1st sept: A coach will drive from Duisburg (at 8.30), Germany, to Amsterdam. The coach will stop at Nijmegen CS (10.30) and Utrecht CS (12.00). The coach will return around 18:00. More info will follow. Tickets are 10 euros for Duisburg, 7 euros for Nijmegen en 3 euros for Utrecht. You can book a seat now:

1st Sept: Our Belgium friends from Bite Back and Respect voor Dieren BE announced they will come for the march.

* The program will be announced when ready. We can confirm speakers, vegan catering, info stalls, veggie snacks and a lot of inspiration! The demonstration is open for all people, of all race and age. The demonstration is announced by the local authority and therefore legal.