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March of Crimes 2006

The March of Dimes is promoting their 'help premature babies' theme now in stores, banks and their WalkAmerica to raise money for needless animal research (and CEO's pockets).

My local paper just published a letter to the editor I sent (modified to fit my community) from PCRM's sample letter.

Stephen Kaufman, M.D. who is co-chair of the Medical Research Modernization Committee is going to speak at our conference June 3rd (see attached) concerning the pharmaceutical industries' games and sacred violence. He is also chair of the Christian Vegetarian Association.

Animal research is big business. Visit to learn more about the unfounded beliefs concerning using animals for human health reasons. Vioxx was tested safe on animals. US News and World Report's health columnist recently mentioned ineffective, inefficient, and clearly inappropriate "other-species" "research" methods as one of three reasons for the failure of the anti-inflammatory drug's "clinical trial" in Britain -- what PCRM has been researching and pleading for more than 30 years now.

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has created a 2-minute flash video about the cruel animal experiments wastefully funded by the March of Dimes, and leaves the viewer with only one conclusion--Reform the March of Dimes! You can watch the video by visiting Be sure to pass it on to your friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors.


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