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"I'm Tired of Animal Cruelty" Bracelets and more

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June 2009

A project called "I'm Tired of..." (ITo) is all about raising money for important causes, through the sale of some very cool eco friendly bracelets, made out of recycled tires and metal. The bracelets sell for $10 each and they donate half ($5) to charity partners.

They've had an "I'm Tired of Animal Cruelty" bracelet since they launched in 2008 & it's their number one selling bracelet, which is amazing! The beneficiary of the proceeds is Best Friends Animal Society. They also just introduced an "I'm Tired of BSL" (Breed Specific Legislation) bracelet.

Here are the two direct links to the causes on their site, so you can learn a little more about them:

They're on a mission!! You can also reach them at:

[email protected]

Help make a difference!!


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