I've just started a "travel" blog with my partner Jo (at I've worked for a 'major British airline' for many years and Jo works for a cetacean conservation organisation. What we're trying to do with the blog is suggest/discuss/promote ways to make travelling more 'green' (NOT travelling is of course the best thing to do, but realistically that's not going to happen anytime soon so we're aiming for 'mitigation' instead). One of Jo's most intense dislikes is the use of whales and dolphins as "entertainment". She'll be writing a post for the blog on that particular subject, but in the meantime we'd also like to build up reports that 'feature' any other zoos, facilities, shows etc that are cruel, have abysmal animal welfare standards, should be closed down etc etc

What we really want to do is to highlight places that rely on tourist revenue but where in all conscience the travelling public shouldn't go anywhere near! Any information any of you have would be gratefully received - particularly personal stories of visits, photos etc (to be honest in all my years of travelling around the world I've avoided the sorts of places I'm thinking about like the plague and have little personal experience of them).

You may also know of organisations that are already fighting to do this kind of work and would welcome a visit from a "green" tourist - again, any suggestions would be gratefully received.

We're not funded in any way but if we can use the info you send us we'd of course always put up links/credits to any organisations you support.

Also if anyone reading this thinks that all this sounds like a good idea, PLEASE send this mail out to anyone that you think may be interested.

(Incidentally, many thanks for all the amazing work people on this group do - I'm constantly impressed by the passion and care in the emails that come from this group...)

All the best,

Charlie and Jo

Charlie Moores - "sleep can wait, I'm going birding" - "flying and green?"



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