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Dog Meat in Korean Restaurants in Los Angeles

by Undercover Reporter
November 2007

There is a small group of Korean owned food businesses (like a sleazy mini mall complex) on 8th and Berendo. A restaurant called Korean BBQ Pl is located there, as well as a business called "Custom Health Soup To Go". The BBQ place serves boshintang - it's advertised outside, as well as on their menu. I took a member of KAPS there and not only did he confirm that that is what they were advertising, both outside and on menu, but that he SMELLED the dish when he went in. They did however deny to him that they served it, even though he was not with me and is Korean (but young). I have seen local mexicans drop dogs off there (tied to posts in the parking lot) and even saw a couple take a pug in the front door of the restaurant, returning minutes later without it.

As for the Custom Health Soup place, it is not a restaurant, only a storefront, with a room full of pressure cookers in the back. I'm sure you know what this means. Either people come with their food of choice to be made into broth (goyangitan - cat broth, is made this way) or, more likely they make the dog soup that the restaurant serves.

I really wish I had all my notes, as I recall discovering that some of the restaurants are owned by the same folks that run the dog farms in Phelan and Little Rock. By the way, even though this complex is very seedy, they have a security guard on duty at all times. So does Olympic Auto Sales.

I DO remember that Kim's Pet's & Fish (on Vermont in Koreatown) is (or was) owned by the same owners as the farm(s), as was HWA meats and packing. Same for Western Pet Center on Western near (I believe) 8th. The owners do little tricks like register their names spelled slighly differently each time, or register their business in their wife's name, then later in theirs, etc. Most of the dogmeat restaurants in Koreatown are on or near 8th Ave., as is a holding pen that is part of Olympic Auto sales (on 8th and Olympic I believe). They have two German Sheperd breeding dogs and whenever they have pups, the pups are there for a month (give or take) and then they disappear.

WESTERN PET CENTER - I'm positive you've heard stories about this place, as every animal rights group I contacted had, although no one ever did much of anything. I know for an absolute fact that this place shaves puppies and sells them to restaurant chefs from a back entrance easily accessible thru an alley next to the store. I don't know if they do this any longer but I witnessed them displaying puppies in a foldaway pen in the parking lot after hours (they close at 7 but the pen would still be up as late as 9PM - never stayed around long enough to see when they took it down) and chefs (dressed in cooking outfits) came and bought shaved Chows. I've seen a lot of other very weird and incriminating stuff here as well. the owner is either owner of Mt. High Ranch (Phelan) or Hans Farm (Little Rock). Both are dog farms, off the 138, their signs (in Korean) are easily seen from highway. Mt. High is a "goat ranch". they raise dogs and goats, and slaughter them on premises. They appear to be a retreat and offer a menu on the door of the main building (similar to a lodge office. For awhile there was a Korean dogmeat restaurant very nearby, even picturing a dog on their sign. Hans Farm masquerades as a fruit farm but neighbors say that they never harvest their tiny grove of fruit. They have kennels on premises with about 200 dogs and slaughter them there (again, neighbors have heard the killings, and one found a dog head in his yard. The Koreans told his 8 year old son that they eat the dogs.

One of the neighbors also told me that his friend works with a humane society in the area that actually did a raid and found a refrigerator full of dogmeat and a menu posted on the refrigerator with prices. For some reason that I no longer recall, they couldn't bust them,

They offer weekend bbqs in the summer and Korean families are bussed there for picnics. If memory serves me, these tours are arranged through Big Bear Farms and HWA (I believe Big Bear has a storefront on Western - if not, Vermont). They advertise the picnics in the Korean newspapers. Besides the main kennels, there are assorted manmade kennel cages alongside the driveway/road that veers left once you drive in. The reason I know about these two farms is that I was doing my own investigation for several years and finally interested frank Snepp from (then) Ch. 9 News to do a feature. He had a Korean assistant named Julie who helped me considerably with translations and information. Her uncle told her that all the dogmeat used in L.A.'s Koreatown came from a farm in the desert, near Victorville. I went out there and drove all around for about 7 hours until I found Mt. High. Their sign said they sold "health broth made from domestic animals." This sign was later destroyed by someone who obviously knew what it meant and posted a note on their handiwork indicating so.

Little Rock is not really a town but a small group of houses (maybe 30), and from interviewing neighbors over a period of a few weeks, I can safely say that most, if not all of the folks I spoke to are druggies and fugitives from the law. I went to city hall and looked up property owners there and none of the street signs match the real addresses registered! Here is information on the bussed picnic tours (from the Korean newspaper):

e-address being Ham Ji Park.

Tours run by 3RD STREET BLACK GOAT EXTRACT , 35591/2 W. 3rd St., LA. 90020 between Normandie & New Hampshire

213-380-5749 (unlisted)/922 S. Vermont Ave., LA. 90006

213-388-9099 (Big Bear Farm, 922 S. Vermont)/213-388-6966(unlisted) > [email protected]

Toll free 800-491-2440 (UNLISTED)

TEL # FROM REVERSE LOOKUP: 213-388-6618 REVERSE LOOKUP: under CORRADI, James P Co Tr mail address: 1701 Camino De Villas, Burbank 91501

818-846-3758 This place is listed on the advert as well: BIG BEAR MARKET 2600 E. 1st St, LA 323-266-1025

Mt. High Dog Farm

This is some old info I had on Mt. High. It may have changed owners since, as I'm positive the pet shop owners were tied in on a paper trail I did, but unfortunately most of my notes are in a storage space in Los Angeles.

 6888 Monte Vista Rd.,
Phelan (note different filing address than address on HWY 138)
OWNERS: LEE, Kwang N and BAE, Richard J FBN# 00185251
FILING TYPE: First Filing
FEE: $29 paid
STATUS: Awaiting Affidavit
STARTED: 8/1/96
FILED: 12/11/96 EXPIRES: 12/11/2001
CONDUCTED BY: A General Partnership
LAST UPDATED: 12/11/96
HOME ADDRESS: Kwang LEE, 4028 HWY 138, Phelan
PHONE: 760-249-1108

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