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Compassionate Stars - No Fur

September 21, 2012

Gia Campola, Cleveland Animal Advocacy Examiner

There seems to be an increasing, and disturbing, rise in the abandonment of compassion for the sake of vanity in today's society. Spurring this movement are the "trendsetters" and the "icons" of pop culture.

Those who uphold the rights of animals, and believe they are to be treated humanely have been particularly disturbed by the callous disregard so many "stars" display so that they may "look good". This display is most obvious in the alarming rise of real fur attire. Real fur, popular and commonly worn in earlier decades, saw a drop as faux fur began to appear and people were made aware of the facts regarding fur apparel.

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Nearly all of us know how fur is obtained - perhaps not the exact facts, but many of us do agree that it is cruel and unnecessary. Apathy, however, sadly seems to prevail as more and more celebrities "look away" and continue to perpetuate the heinous abuse of fur farm animals. Apathy is a sin. It may be a sin even greater than the initial act itself. Even worse are those who defend their right to wear fur and wage "war" on those who oppose it. These people are not waging war on people - they are waging war on defenseless, innocent, sentient creatures.

Where fur comes from Photo credit: Google, Animal Shame, Facebook

Among the most offensive are Lady GaGa and the Kardashian family. Lady Gaga has already displayed her blatant lack of care regarding factory farmed animals (by wearing a suit made of meat), and she now proudly displays dyed rabbit fur full length coats and apparel draped in fur tails. It seems that Gaga may even be using her fur wearing as a means to garner attention - she is immediately targeted by the media when she adorns herself in real fur. Is this how one becomes a celebrity? The Kardashians are notorious for selling fur in their stores, and have been accused of employing child labor, overseas, to manufacture their wares. Ironic, as one member of the family represented PETA in a message against real fur.

These young women, and others like them, including Beyonce', simply refuse to acknowledge that they are promoting cruelty and teaching their fans to abandon compassion. The facts dictate this, not personal sentiment. The facts are that fur is obtained in heinously cruel ways. Here are the facts:
Animals are skinned alive to obtain fur. Animals are anally electrocuted to obtain fur. Animals are snared in steel jaw leg hold traps to obtain fur. Animals are clubbed to death to obtain fur. There is no such thing as "humane" fur.

View this undercover video if you would like to know the details of fur farms. Here is yet another disturbing "insider view" from a farm in Illinois. Much of the fur that wearers think is "precious" fur is actually that taken from dogs and cats. Not only are bears, fox, mink, big cats, etc. used but, now, our domestic pets are in danger. After viewing and becoming aware, how can anyone entertain the idea of wearing fur? Yet, these celebrities mentioned ARE aware and continue this selfish practice. This speaks volumes in regard to their character and morals - or lack thereof.

Fur is big business. Animals are thought of as a commodity. This can not be the norm. Animals are NOT a commodity to be exploited for any reason we may have. It is dictated that we protect and defend the vulnerable and the innocent - not uphold their never ending abuse and torture for our gain.

Animals are not ours to wear - please boycott the use of any real fur products, and the celebrities who endorse them. Emulate and support compassionate, caring celebrities instead. As winter approaches here in Cleveland be aware of your clothing choices such as Ugg boots, and fur trimmed articles.

Embrace compassion and shun greed and vanity. No real fur.


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