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Austin Vegan Mall

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A friend of mine joked that it wouldn't hurt his feelings if Tarrytown Shopping Center owner Jeanne Daniels got eaten by a bear.

Now there's an irony I'm sure many people living in Tarrytown would like to see on Animal Planet.

Daniels -- aka The Meat Lady -- is the draconian veghead owner of the mall in West Austin who keeps running off beloved businesses in her mall for selling animal-based products, while showing no regard for the feelings of the neighbors or small-business people.

If she was doing the same thing to, say, Joe's Bakery in East Austin, people would be marching in front of City Hall. But since Tarrytown is mostly white and wealthy, she can get away with it.

Businesses that Daniels has run out of her mall include Texas French Bread (guilty of chicken sandwiches), the Grocery (deli products) and Formosa (kung pao chicken). She made the liquor store stop selling caviar because they're fish eggs.
"I first became aware of the innate cruelty involved in the slaughter of animals for their furs in 1986. I have not purchased or worn any fur from any animal since that time. . . . If you find the thought of wearing dog or cat fur unacceptable, it should only make sense that you wouldn't want to wear the fur of any animal."
I guess the good news is that when Daniels has finally done in her own mall, and there's nothing left but stubble, it will be a good place to set the neighborhood stray cats free.

Heck, I'm sure she'd be glad to take care of 'em.

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