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Austin Tarrytown Shopping Center; Vegan Owner

[Austin American-Statesman]

Two things you soon won't be able to find at the Tarrytown Shopping Center?

How about a ham sandwich and an aspirin?

The family-run Tarrytown Pharmacy, which opened for business Dec. 6, 1941, the day before Pearl Harbor was attacked, is moving into new digs in September.

Before you start screaming, "That animal nut is at it again," you should realize this is a good thing for the Newberry family, the pharmacy owners. For years, they've been sweating bullets about what animal rights advocate and mall owner Jeanne Daniels might do. As in run them off.

"Every drug we sell depends on animals, so there was a potential for trouble in the long term there," said Mark Newberry, the pharmacy's owner. "Every drug that humans take has been tested on animals in clinical trials."

He said that, under Daniels' rule, the pharmacy couldn't sell beef jerky or leather goods.

It fits the pattern. Since Daniels inherited the shopping center in 1999, several restaurants that sold meat products — the Grocery, Texas French Bread, Formosa, the Holiday House — have moved or closed.

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