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Superdrug Products are Animal Friendly

27th JULY 2011


Superdrug�s household product range has been certified as animal testing free under the BUAV�s international Humane Household Products Standard. Last year Superdrug was awarded certification under the Humane Cosmetic Standard for its own-brand beauty and toiletries range, making them the first and only major health and beauty retailer to make this commitment.

Superdrug�s entire own-brand household and beauty range will soon carry the globally recognised Leaping Bunny trademark having demonstrated its no animal testing policy is applied throughout the supply chain.

The high street giant is the latest retailer to become BUAV approved for household products, joining a host of other companies including Marks & Spencer and The Cooperative, and brands such as Astonish and Method. This clearly illustrates that it is possible to develop effective household products without testing on animals, and it comes at the time when the Government is consulting with industry about the impact of a UK ban on animal testing for household products and ingredients.

The BUAV certification scheme is internationally renowned for its comprehensive approval process; companies wishing to become partners must go through a stringent application process and commit to regular audits. Companies must adopt a fixed cut-off date after which its products and ingredients must not be tested on animals.

Michelle Thew, BUAV Chief Executive said: �We are delighted to award the BUAV�s Leaping Bunny to Superdrug for its household products. With over 900 stores in the UK, more cruelty-free products are available to shoppers than ever before. I am now calling on other high street retailers to follow suit and clear all animal tested products from the shelves once and for all.�

Andrew Groom, Superdrug Director of Own Brand said: �We know our customers value the Leaping Bunny logo as the trusted sign of a cruelty free product, and we are delighted to be adding the symbol to even more products in our own brand range.�


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