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God of the sun and the moon
Of the mountains, deserts and plains
God of the mighty oceans, of rivers, lakes and streams
God of all creatures that live in the seas and fly in the air
Of every living thing that grows and moves on this sacred Earth

We are formed by Christ into Your People
Called to Bring the world into Your marvelous light
As the Body of Christ, we are messengers of ecological vocation
We are entrusted with caring for this Earth which You have created

Help us to love and respect it
To repair what we have damaged
To care for what You have made good and holy
Give us the wisdom and the passion to change our minds,
our hearts and our ways

Let us be mustard seeds in our world
Bringing about ecological conversion which grows and spreads to every corner of the Earth for our sake now
and for every generation which is to come.

We ask this through Christ, Our lord, Amen

Preparing to observe the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi, patron of ecology, on Oct. 4, we share this prayer offered at the launch of Catholic Earthcare Australia.


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