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Religion and the right to use animals

by Patrick Kwan

Sometimes I have that same problem of having a religious person tell me that his/her deity put animals for us to kill, torture, eat, wear, abuse. I don't even bother telling them this said this over there that said that over there. I show them a picture, a graphic picture, of course and I ask him/her, "So, your all-loving deity is putting animals on earth for this to happen. I'm sure if he/she/it did, he/she/it wouldn't have given animals any feelings. And make them like veggies. I can pick an apple from a tree, but, I can't murder an animal. I can pick cotton from a cotton plant, but, I can't skin an animal to make my clothes. Why did your all-loving deity make it this way? Weird. So, you rather murder an animal than pick an apple and skin an animal than pick cotton? I would like to see you do it, since your all-loving deity made animals for humans, I don't believe it should be much of a problem." Usually I make it short and just show the picture and say, "your all-loving deity is permitting this????"

by James

A question I pose to most Christian animal flesh eaters is why they would disgrace what they believe to be God's creation. By purchasing their little plastic wrapped muscles they support an industry that not only murders animals but also pollutes the environment probably more than any other group besides the US government.